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10 Best Couples Gifts for Any Occasion

January, 2018

Looking for a couple gift? Drawberry found some great ideas. Сustom couple paintings and more

It’s important to shop for the couple in mind if you’re looking for a wedding gift, a special holiday gift, or a housewarming present. There are so many great ideas when it comes to the couples theme.

Start your search for the perfect gift by considering the following things:

✅ First of all, think about the couple’s hobbies and interests. What do they usually do together? Think about the gift that they might need for their hobby. Find a great board game if they enjoy hosting game nights. Order a great couple painting from their photo that they’ll both enjoy equally, if they are interested in unique home decor. Or maybe your friends are good at photography? Look through the most recent models of cameras or photography equipment as a present. Does the couple have a dog and like to take adorable pet portraits? Furbo Dog Camera will help to get the best dog portraits! 

✅ Also think about their home and interior details. What would you add to their interior? Maybe they have wanted to buy something for a long time? Some fresh ideas: cool glassware, vintage globe for home, or custom painting from photo. Think about options that they can display proudly on either a wall or shelving.

✅ Didn’t find a good present? Do not worry! A gift card is a great option for you. Your friends will be able to choose the best present by themselves. This is also very easy and requires little of your time. Like to do gift shopping before the event date? A gift card is a good option in that case too!

1  Hanging Boards Set of Classic Games

If your friends like to play board games, you definitely need to look at this classic wood game boards set

Pine & Paint ©

Your friends like to play board games and often host game nights? You definitely need to check out this idea! Classic wood game boards as a hanging set. The set includes four oversize game boards and complete game pieces for five classic games: Chess, Checkers, Parcheesi, Chinese Checkers and Backgammon. It includes a template for hanging, so the boards will be perfectly lined up. You can choose the background color. By the way, this set would look nice in a family room, a game room or even a man’s cave.

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2. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit

If your friends are into photography you may want to consider the Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit

Canon ©

There is nothing better to capture memories than a proper DSLR camera, even though the smartphone camera quality has improved a lot over the years. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit has a wide range of programs and professional options and can be used for any type of shooting. Newbies will find a number of beginner modes that will make their first professional shooting for sports, portraits and so on really easy. The correct settings for different types of modes are already built in.

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3. Couple painting from photo

If your gift recipients love art, they are sure to appreciate a custom painting from photo

Your friends have a lot of awesome photos of the two of them together, but most of them are only on a smartphone? Go through their instagram feed, find the best one and order painted portrait from photo. If your gift recipients love art, they are sure to appreciate this personal masterpiece. All you need is to upload your photo to and get a custom portrait painting you can give as a present.

Since at Drawberry real artists from all over the world compete to paint for you, you can get very reasonable price quotes and who knows, maybe you will decide to get custom paintings from more than one photo. Check it out right now!

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4. Picnic Backpack with Cooler

If your friends like to spend time outdoors and go on picnics, consider getting them this Picnic Backpack with Cooler

VonShef ©

Your friends like to go on picnics? It is always fun to go for a stroll in the park, find a spot on a soft green lawn and enjoy a small private picnic for two. This idea involves a lot of packing and planning, but this gift is going to help! The contemporary-style picnic backpack has a very handy design. Moreover, it comes with almost everything that might be needed for a meal outdoors. Extra essentials like salt and pepper shakers, a cheese knife, a plastic chopping board, and a bottle opener are also included! The best part is the fleece waterproof blanket attached neatly to the side.

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5. Mr. & Mrs. Couples Pillowcases

These Mr and Mrs. pillowcases are sure to bring a smile to the faces of a newly married couple

Oh, Susannah ©

This gift will bring a smile to the faces of any married couple. And each of them will always know which pillow is theirs. The graphic design and beautiful fonts are great and the fabric is silky, soft and breathable. By the way, you can pair these pillowcases with other “Mr. and Mrs.” gifts, such as the Mr. and Mrs. Glass Champagne Flutes with Golden Font.

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6. His & Her Cloth Bathrobes

Your friends like to spend time at a spa or at home together? His & Her cloth bathrobes will be a great gift idea!

Luxor Linens ©

These awesome cloth bathrobes are perfect for a couples spa day at home!  The robes are also great for everyday use and are made from wonderful Egyptian cotton. They will arrive in a great ribbon wrapped box and will be ready to be gifted anytime! The text could be changed to “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Bride and Groom” if you like.

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7. Home Decorative Vintage Globe

Your friends travel together a lot?  They will definitely like the decorative globe with the text “My Favorite Place is next to you”

Pavilion Gift Company ©

Couples who like to travel will definitely like maps and globes as gifts. The beautiful text on the globe makes it much more special and is a a great piece of decor. It can be displayed on a shelf next  to paintings for living room or photos from travels. The decorative globe will look great in any type of decor. The text on the globe could be changed.

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8. Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam & Audio

If your gift recipient has pet, the following idea would be interesting one. Furbo Dog Camera help to make adorable pet portraits

Furbo Dog © 

All couples who love to take their dog portraits need this! It can be stressful to leave a dog home alone and have no idea what it is up to. This is like a smartphone for pets, but much better, because it allows you to interact while you’re away. You can even give the dog a treat using the free Furbo app. By the way, the HD camera has night vision so you will be able to see everything 24 hours a day and capture the best pet portraits. But the most interesting option is the two way chat that enables to hear and speak to the dog!

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9. Personalized Monogrammed Leather Passport Cover Holder and Luggage Tag

A couple that travels a lot will love these personalized leather passport cover holders and luggage tags

123 Cheap Checks ©

People who travel a lot pay great attention to their passport documents and travel tags. Personalized travel tags help their luggage stand out on a baggage carousel. The monogrammed initials make this gift very special. You can personalize it further by choosing different colors.

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10. Gold Decanter Set of 3 pieces

Yours.. Mine.. Ours.. Any couple will be happy to get such special gift as decanter set with so meaningful words

Fifth Avenue ©

This set is a great start if a couple was looking for cool glassware. The gold lettering looks very festive. The text “yours, mine, ours” is a very special addition. All the set pieces are traditionally sized. Besides this particular set, almost any type or style of glassware set would make a nice gift for a couple.  

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  • kaushal - 02/20/18 06:36
    Ahhh it's nice. Ideas you have shared are so good. photo frame is good idea of gifting. you can also use this pics for framing as photo-lamp.
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