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10 Celebrity Paintings that Look Like Photos! (Part II)

March, 2018

Celebrity photo paintings

You liked our previous collection of celebrities’ paintings so much

10 Celebrity Paintings that Look Like Photos (Part I)

So we decided to find more beautiful celebrity paintings made by talented Drawberry artists.

Let’s add more art to your day!

Photo to painting of Daniel Craig

Photo to painting of Daniel CraigIn April 2015, the United Nations appointed Craig the first global advocate for the elimination of mines and explosive hazards. The role involves raising awareness for the UN Mine Action Service (UNMAS), and political and financial support for the cause. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told Craig: “You have been given a licence to kill, I’m now giving you a licence to save.” A Drawberry artist did their best to put his photo on canvas for those who praise the actor’s talent.

Katy Perry photo to canvas

Katy Perry photo to canvasKaty Perry’s photo turned into a painting was an order by one of Drawberry’s customers who told us why she wanted this oil portrait in her living room. Our customer is from a family of pastors and was singing in a church choir. She has achieved a lot in her life and she thanks Katy Perry for being her inspiration. Katy’s parents are pastors. She sang in her parents’ church from the age of 9 to 17, and grew up listening to gospel music – in fact her mother didn’t allow her to listen to anything else! She released a gospel music album while she was in high school under the name of Katy Hudson. In 2010 The Guinness World Book of Records recognized her as the "Best Start on the US Digital Chart by a Female Artist," for having her first two singles sell over two million digital copies.

Angelina Jolie’s photo painting

Angelina Jolie’s photo painting Angelina Jolie is a role model for many ladies, as a mother, actress and a businesswoman. A custom painting from photo by a Drawberry artist is a perfect gift to your family or friends, a great personalized way to surprize them on any occasion.

Avril Lavigne’s photo to painting

Canvas painting by“Why should I care what other people think of me? I am who I am. And who I wanna be.” – Avril Lavigne. Canadian singer-songwriter and actress, Avril Lavigne took the music world by storm after signing her first record contract at the age of 16. A self-taught musician, Avril can play the guitar, piano, and drums. For those who love this singer and her talents, Drawberry artists can custom paint her portrait for you.

Brad Pitt’s photo turned into painting

Photo to oil painting by drawberry.comHand painted photo of Brad Pitt is done for his fan who loves Brad Pitt for his amazing acting and whose respect for him is just about to skyrocket. Brad Pitt (born December 18, 1963) is not one of those people who are born with a silver spoon. He made his way to the big screen by doing small, low paying jobs all his life. Some of the most notable ones include being a dancing mascot for a restaurant, being a pool boy and serving as a chauffeur to earn money for his livelihood.

Vin Diesel’s photo turned into painting

Custom painting from photo by drawberry.comVin Diesel is best known for playing Dominic Toretto in the massively successful Fast and the Furious franchise, but the buff action star is involved with more than just one major franchise. Take a look at this canvas painting of Vin Diesel. If you like it, consider ordering a custom painting from photo for yourself as well.

Naomi Campbell’s picture on canvas

Custom painting from photo by drawberry.comCampbell has always been destined for the limelight. Her first appearance on camera came when she was just 5 years old. The model-to-be starred in Bob Marley's music video for 'Is This Love'. Only a few years later, she also made an appearance in Pink Floyd's The Wall. She then went on to study at the London Academy of Performing Arts. This canvas painting is to remind its owner that hard work and persistence is always rewarded.

Custom art for Young Jeezy

Young Jeezy’s painting from photo by Drawberry.comThe fans of Young Jeezy would appreciate this lively photo painting of the singer. He is the biggest musical inspiration to many. Some interesting facts about the rapper are: he has been nominated for four Grammy Awards; however, he failed to win at least one of them. He has won one BET Award and two Ozone Awards, in particular, for his second set of hits “The Inspiration” and the track “Love in This Club.” The musician offered a special home to victims of Hurricane Katrina where they were able to stay for a while before they could start rebuilding their lives.

Will Smith’s custom art

Will Smith’s custom art by Drawberry.comLook at this hand painted picture of Will Smith! The customer who ordered this canvas painting as a gift to his friend knew he was a fan of the actor and wanted to admire Will Smith’s talent and positive energy at home. Ordering a custom painting as a gift adds credit to your personality as you were thinking enough of that person to make the gift more personal. This is definitely worth the effort.

Zinedine Zidane’s picture to painting

Zinedine Zidane’s picture to paintingIf you know that one of your friends or relatives is fond of a sports celebrity whose image would encourage them for new accomplishments, don’t hesitate to turn their photo to art as a cool present.  

We hope that you enjoyed our list of celebrity paintings. Which one is your favorite? Would you order custom art as a gift?

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