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10 creative ideas on how to make a perfect couple photo

December, 2017

Couple photo ideas

It is easy to fall into a routine when you’ve been together with your spouse for a long time. But love is something you have to work on on a daily basis. Take this tip from Drawberry: try doing something you haven’t done in a while, like taking photos with your loved one. Get creative and turn this simple task into a fun adventure. The result is sure to look great! These photos will be reminding you of the happy moments for a long time.

Drawberry found 10 creative ideas for taking a perfect couple’s photo. And no matter if you just started dating or you’ve been together for years, these photo ideas are super fun for everybody. And as an added bonus, you’ll get to spend the day with your most favorite person in the world!

1. You and Me

If you always have the best time of your life with your partner, having a walk in a fairytale winter forest should be no exception. With Christmas just around the corner, these winter photos could be great for personalized holiday cards, or better yet, get the best of these snaps turned into a beautiful canvas picture painted by a professional artist. Your couple’s painting will look great on the wall throughout the holidays!

You and Me in the Winter forest

2. Real Emotions

Ok, we admit, it’s not always easy to show your emotions. But you can try to remember the happiest moments of your life and make this adorable photo of you two!

Cute couple photo with real emotions

3. Hands of Hearts

How about starting a tradition of taking annual romantic pictures of the two of you? And here’s the first idea for your album – make a heart out of your fingers. Your love is everlasting and beautiful.

Hands of heart

4. Active couple

Sometimes you feel there’s just so much magic going on between you two. You share interests and hobbies. You like to try something new together. And here’s one idea for a shot that can show your affection along with your personal interests.

Active couple time

5. Cozy Couple Photo

When you are together, the days and nights are cozier. But your love is strong enough to keep you warm even if you are miles away!

Cozy couple photo

6. Expecting a baby

Are you expecting? Be sure to save these precious moments! Take a great photo of the three of you showing how much you love your spouse and your baby! When your child grows up, they will love looking at these photos, or looking at the canvas on the wall, if you order painting from photo. Just think of it!

Expecting a baby

7. Stylish couple

Do you fit into the stylish couple category? How about this photo? All you need is some outfit and a feeling that you look very fashionable. Try this idea, we are sure you will at least have fun in the process!

Stylish couple

8. How it all started

Do you remember how everything started? Your wedding was one of the best and happiest days in your life! You can use this photo to make a cool anniversary gift out of it for your spouse later. Preserve this precious memory forever!

Our wedding day

9. I love you even more now

Couple photos are about connection and those wonderful feelings two people have for each other. What could be more beautiful than a happily married couple that’s been together for many years?

Elderly couple photo

10. Couple painting for Christmas

Christmas is almost here! Do you already have the best present for your loved one? If not, Drawberry can help! Turn your couple’s photo into a picture hand-painted on canvas. This present is sure to impress and make this year’s holidays special!

Christmas couple photo

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