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10 Tips for Buying Hand Painted Pictures as a Gift

November, 2017

Hand painted picture as a gift

The very idea of giving artwork as a gift would make you crumple, but how many times have you seen a painted portrait, and thought, wow, that would be perfect for such-and-such occasions.

Or maybe you've seen a photograph and instantly known the person who would love to have a custom painting from photo to display in their cozy home.

The truth is that it may seem arrogant to deem that you can choose a piece of art on behalf of the recipient, but if you succeed and order a painting from photo they love, it can be a sweet gesture.

Hand painted pictures deserve to be a fantastic gift for any occasion, be it a birthday, a family anniversary or another big event. Couples paintings make an awesome wedding gift and a dog portrait is sure to be appreciated by the dog’s owner.

The fact that you decided to buy art as a gift adds credit to your personality as you were thinking enough of that person to make the gift more personal and this venture is worth the effort.

Whether you are intending to complement your loved one’s art collection or maybe your friend is starting a new collection of hand painted pictures, here are some useful tips that will facilitate your choice:

1. Choose a small picture! It's easier for the recipient to allocate a spot to a small sized piece of art. The happy addressee can always find the right place for it, be it by a bedside, or leaned gently on a bookshelf. Larger scale artwork can be a bit too impactful, both with your style as well as physically in someone else's area.

Picture to painting with Drawberry

2. Select for their liking, not yours. If you are aware of a certain art style the person would love - go for it and get that picture gift for them even if you hate to give it, but get over it! It's not for you, it's for the person who loves this kind of stuff and who would truly appreciate it.

3. Stay on the side of longevity. If you think of ordering a painting for a baby present, try to select something that the child can grow with and value across adulthood. Try to stay away from the "too lovely" baby themed art; look toward something for a lifetime.

Picture to painting with Drawberry

4. Stay creative! It's always good to be aware if the recipient has any particular interests, but you should always stay a bit abstracted to add a hint of creativity. Let’s say, just because the receiver likes dancing, it is not necessarily that you should be purchasing hand painted photos of dancers. Try not to limit your imagination. Don’t stick to the notions like ‘wedding’ - ‘love’ theme, move off the beaten track and think of a painting that would inspire the couple and give positive emotions, appeal to a happy life together, it could be a landscape or waterscape that will make the souls fly and strive for a better future.

5. Be daring and follow your instinct. You will almost always come back to that option which was your first choice. Don't struggle with it (but gaze round anyway to satisfy yourself that you tried hard to look for a decent gift).

6. Think of the recipient’s home style. This tip will help you decide which direction to follow in terms of style. Do they prefer more vintage furniture or contemporary? It's not always the case, but sometimes this will help estimate their taste in art. A good clue might be to learn the color palette they have used in their home. If they have red walls you may think of a portrait painting in warm colors. Any artworks they liked before in your home can give you a hint of what they might be fond of as well.

7. Your opinion comes first. Don't allow yourself to become overloaded with everyone's gift ideas input. Stand for your choice and love your gift.

Picture to painting with Drawberry

8. Don’t be stressed if the artwork is not finished with a frame. There is nothing wrong with giving an unframed canvas or paper picture. It is authentic and hand-painted. Perhaps the person will want to leave that canvas unframed anyway or choose a matching frame by themselves!

9. If it became a real challenge for you to choose the gift of art - ask your friend for his or her favorite photo, they are sure to send you at least a couple of them. Now the real magic will happen. You can order a custom painting from photo to turn their memories into a hand-painted masterpiece. Who wouldn’t love to get such a personalized gift? Try this online platform that lets you turn a photo into picture:

Order a custom painting from photo to turn memories into a hand-painted masterpiece

10. The last but not least - a gift certificate! If you still want to give art as a gift, then consider a gift certificate. Most galleries will be pleased to let you buy a gift certificate which normally does not expire.

As long as the recipient is happy with the outcome, then you should be happy too!

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