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12 Dog Portraits in Funny Costumes

November, 2017

Dog Portraits in the most Funny Costumes

The reasons why you love your pet are endless! These fluffy creatures fill our lives with happiness and joy. They know for sure how to cheer us up in any situation and being silly often seems to be part of their daily to-do list.

Don’t you love how they’re always happy to see you? We are sure you have a lot of funny pics of your dog or kitty on your smartphone begging to be turned into pet portraits.

Drawberry has put together a rating of the funniest dog portraits in costumes. Read to the end to find three winners with the best pet portraits from photos.

Share your opinion and choose your favorite!

Dog portrait # 12

Dog portrait

This cutie is all ready to participate in a hat contest. It’s his first time! Please do not judge too strictly.

Dog portrait # 11

Dog portrait

How about a little trip to Mexico? I am ready! I’d make any animal portrait shine.

Dog portrait # 10

Dog portrait

I am your best present! Isn’t this what you’ve wanted all your life? Why are you looking at me so suspiciously?

Dog portrait # 9

Dog portrait

I wanted to dress up as princess frog. Do you like my personal dog portrait?

Dog portrait # 8

Dog portrait

It might be cute, but it's so hard for me to breathe in this outfit. Sitting for pet portraits can be hard!

Dog portrait # 7

Dog portrait

Who said the hippie era is over? My human parents are still very much into it! Just look at the painted portraits they have!

Dog portrait # 6

Dog portrait

I'm ready to save the world! Any emergencies for me to take care of?

Dog portrait # 5

Dog portrait

I'm a daisy girl. Who would dare argue? I need a partner to do a cool couple painting with me!

Dog portrait # 4

Dog portrait

Let’s go to the beach already! How long do I have to wait for you?

Dog portrait # 3

Dog portrait

This pet painting deserves the third place! Just look at those eyes .. The whole world can fit in them!

Dog portrait # 2

Dog portrait

I really wanted to win, but it seems the judges were bribed...Will you include me in your next animal portraits rating? I will definitely win next time!

Finally our winner! The best pet portrait!

Dog portrait

Ready for a big hippie party today? If you do not agree with the chosen winner, then look into his eyes one more time and everything will become clear

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Pet portrait

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