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15 Inspirational Picture to Canvas Painting Ideas

March, 2018

Inspirational Picture to Canvas Painting Ideas

“A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate the sense of the beautiful which God has implanted in the human soul.”

© Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today Drawberry would like to show you some great painted portraits to help you find inspiration in these beautiful canvases.Are you ready to color your day?Let’s start this art adventure!

Pet Paintings

Are you a happy pet owner? You must have a lot of pet portrait photos in your smartphone. Have you heard of the opportunity to get a real pet painting? They look so awesome!

Just look at this dog portrait with a little baby. What a delightful sight!

If you have lost your furry friend and all you have ro remember them by is a bunch of photos, you can always order a pet portrait from photo. This works well for preserving the precious memories of your beloved friend.

Animal portraits can look very realistic if they are created by a skilled artist. With Drawberry you can be sure that your pet portrait from photo will be done by a professional artist with high-quality paints and materials. Our hand-painted canvases are true works of art that will make you smile, cry or reminisce, often all of it at the same time.

Hand-painted canvas created by a professional artist at

Custom photo canvas created by a talented artist at

Canvas painting of your dog from

If you still think that “a portrait of my dog is a great idea, but it is so tough to find a good artist nowadays..”, we are here to help!

At every artist is verified and has a large portfolio of their artworks done in different genres and styles. You don’t have to look for reviews of the artist, as we have already done that for you! All Drawberry artists are real and very talented.

More pet portrait ideas 

Follow our Pet Portrait Board on Pinterest

Couple Painting

We think that turning any special moment of your life into a real masterpiece is a great way to show how much you love your partner.

A painted portrait is a great gift idea for an anniversary. Your spouse or partner will probably be thrilled!

Turn photo into oil painting and add some cozy warmth to your home decor. A personalised portrait painting is a very popular gift idea today. To help you stay trendy, we let you get high quality custom paintings for a very reasonable price. Our friendly support is always happy to answer any questions and to help make your dream come true!

Drawberry Support Team

Picture of a couple turned into painting         Portrait from photo as a home decor idea

Couple painting as a bedroom decor idea

Want to see more inspirational canvases with couples?

Visit Couples painting portfolio to get more inspiration!

By the way, we have a great collection of couple paintings on Pinterest.

Check out our Couple Painting Board and don’t forget to follow to receive more cool canvas ideas from us! 

Family painting

Your family is your top treasure. We always want our family to have the best of everything. And of course we’d all want to save precious family moments forever!

Drawberry is ready to help with that by letting you easily turn your best family photo to painting.Just imagine how cool a personal hand-painted canvas could look in your home. It’s a fantastic idea!

Baby portrait paintings are very popular too and understandably so.

You can preserve your cherished memories by getting a great family painting from Drawberry.

Personal hand-painted canvas as a home decor element    Preserve your cherished memories by getting a great family painting from Drawberry











Drawberry helps with putting your photos on canvas

Discover more wonderful family paintings with Drawberry!

Fresh ideas for your home decor from our Family Paintings Board on Pinterest


Oil portraits

Oil portraits are probably the most fantastic. If you decide to convert photo to canvas painting, consider having it done in oil. More than 300 talented artists from all over the world registered on Drawberry are ready to turn your photo into a real oil painting.

Look at some awesome oil portraits here and get inspired to have one done for you too!

Photo to oil painting with Drawberry

Convert photo to oil painting with Drawberry


Custom picture painting with

If you want to see more great canvases, visit our Oil Paintings Board on Pinterest

Portfolio of Oil Portrait Paintings

Ballet Paintings

Ballet dancers have always inspired painters from around the world. Drawberry has found the most incredible ballet-themed paintings!

A ballet painting is a brilliant idea for your home decor. It can add some classic style and a whimsical touch to your interior.

Ballet dancer portrait made from photo
Ballet dancer painting as a key element for stylish home design

Ballet painting for your home decor

Like these ballet paintings? We have a lot more!

Check out our Ballet Painting Board on Pinterest

Thank you for your time! We’ll be happy to see your comments or suggestions.

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