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5 Tips for a Perfect Pet Portrait with Owner

February, 2018

Want at least some good photos of you and your pet together? Check out these easy tips from Drawberry for creating a perfect pet portrait with you

Are you a happy pet owner?

Does every time you try to take some good photos of you and your pet turn out to be a mess?

This article is for you!

Drawberry found some tips for creating the best pet portraits with owners.

Attention! After reading this article you will start getting A LOT of likes on Instagram!

Are you ready?

Let’s begin!

Tip 1

Catch your pet falling asleep

Is your pet very active and almost never sits quietly in one place? We bet you have a lot of funny videos, but probably not even one good pet portrait. There is an easy solution to this. Catch your pet when it’s going to sleep and lie down nearby. Another good idea for a perfect shot is to let your pet fall asleep in your lap, if it isn’t a Great Dane of course.

Catch your cat sleeping in your lap if you want to get a perfect photo of you two togetherImpact Photography /

Catch your cat sleeping in your lap if you want to get a perfect pet portrait.

Get your dog sleeping and lie down next to it to get a perfect dog portrait

Rasulov /

Get your dog sleeping and lie down next to it to get a perfect dog portrait.

Tip 2

Go for a walk on a sunny day together

It is not a secret that the best photos are taken outside on a sunny day. Especially when it’s summertime and you are at a park with green grassy areas: the pet portrait will definitely look great!

Get an awesome dog portrait on a green lawn at a parkLiukov /

Lie down on the grass and embrace your dog. This photo of you two together will look awesome!

Get an awesome cat portrait in the park lying down on green grass together

Tatiana Chekryzhova /

We know that getting your active cat to stay still on a grassy lawn at a park can be a challenge. Try to pet your cat or get its attention with some treats, so you can take a perfect photo.

Tip 3

Play with your pet or show a favorite toy

The best photo is one that shows emotions. It means that if you want a great pet portrait, you need to get your pet in a playful mood. How do you make this happen? Just play together! You will be smiling and your pet will look so happy. This is a perfect scenario for a photo shoot. Your pet doesn’t want to play? Bring out your best weapon: show your pet’s favorite toy and the playful mood is sure to follow!

Dog portrait with owner playing togetherKseniya Ivanova /

Just look at this picture with a dog and its owner playing together! You can feel the positive emotions coming off the screen.

Show your love and care for your pet by giving it a toy heart. The pet portrait will look very specialYulduz /

Show your love and care for your pet by giving it a toy heart. A pet portrait with the owner handing a pink heart to the pet looks really cute!

Tip 4

Hold your pet like a baby

How do you show all your love for your pet? Hold your dog or kitty like a little baby. Such photos are so cute! Of course some pets won’t be happy to pose like a baby in your arms. Don’t miss a single moment when your pet is letting you hold it tight and get a good pet portrait while you can.

Pet owner showing love hugging her French bulldogCookie Studio /

Express your love and care by holding your dog like a baby. This dog portrait is going to get tons of likes on Instagram!

Cat portrait with owner Dmitry A /

Most cats don’t like being held tight by humans. Be gentle and keep petting your cat while holding it.

Tip 5

Family portrait

Few people would argue that our pets are true family members to us. Taking a portrait of the whole family is a wonderful idea. You can go for a walk in a park and take some photos on a lawn or by a lake. Your pet doesn’t like to go outside? It’s okay! Stay at home and arrange a cozy photoset in your family room.

Happy family with Labrador Retriever at a park taking a picture with a smartphone on a selfie stickSyda Productions /

Family photos from a park look so great! Especially when the weather is sunny and nice. Get more pictures together and create some precious memories.

Happy family cuddling with their cat

Elena Nichizhenova /

A home photo shoot with your pet is going to be fun! Play together, show any emotions you like. You are in your comfort zone and can do anything you like! Just be sure to take your photos somewhere near a window so you get enough light.


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