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7 Best Couple Paintings in History

January, 2018

Check out the most sensual couple paintings in history by Drawberry

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up and Drawberry decided to put together a list of the most sensual couple paintings in history. The love theme has been an interesting art subject for centuries. Looking at famous couple paintings, it can be quite amusing to learn how love is perceived by different cultures and how that perception has been changing over time. This list of painted portraits of lovers demonstrates the various forms that love can take: from sweet to sensual

1. The Kiss - Klimt

Couple painting The Kiss by Gustav Klimt The Kiss © Belvedere

This artwork by Austrian painter Gustav Klimt shows embracing lovers enfolded in an everlasting kiss. There is an opinion that Klimt wanted to portray himself with his love - Emilie Flöge. When you look at this couple painting, you feel that their love is out of this world and possibly even divine, because their heads are haloed with one gold leaf. Klimt’s masterpiece remains the most famous kiss in painting. Today this hand-painted canvas is at Österreichische Galerie Belvedere in Vienna.

2. The Jewish Bride -  Rembrandt

Couple painting The Jewish Bride by Rembrandt The Jewish Bride © Wikipedia

When you look at this couple painting you think of the famous words:

Love is patient, love is kind...

The Jewish Bride is a visual embodiment of those words. Rembrandt’s hand painted canvas is perfect in every brushstroke. We know almost nothing about his young couple: who they are, whether she is a real bride, whether they are actually Jewish. In any case, this painted portrait tells us a story by some details. The couple’s faces and gestures are so beautiful! Just look at their hands: his is gently placed on her breast and hers is covering it ever so tenderly. There is a feeling that this is a painting depicting a universal couple and not just these two people. This couple painting inspires and seems to be inspired by patience and endless love.

3. The Honeysuckle Bower - Rubens

Couple painting The Honeysuckle Bower by RubensThe Honeysuckle Bower © Wikipedia

This couple painting shows us Rubens sitting with his young wife, Isabella Brant, hand-in-hand. Her smile is sweet and he is leaning back with his legs crossed. We could be sure that these two are very secure in their love. It is not a secret that they were perfect for each other. Rubens praised Isabella. Almost all marriage portraits were very formal in the 17th century, but this one is so sensuous! Looking at this couple painting you understand what real love is supposed to look like.

4. Dance in the Country - Renoir

Couple painting Dance in the Country by RenoirDance in the Country © Wikipedia

Renoir’s wife, Aline Charigot, was the model for this oil painting on canvas. The lovers are completely lost in their dance and in each other in this couple painting. The dancing couple abandoned their meal in disarray, his hat  dropped on the floor and she managed to hold her fan as he grasped her by the wrist and waist. The smile on the woman’s lovely face is the crowning glory of this beautiful couple painting. Initially the painting was designed as a pair with Danse à la ville (City Dance), which underlines more the carelessness of the country dancers.

5. Lovers in the Snow under an Umbrella - Suzuki Harunobu  

Couple painting Lovers in the Snow under an Umbrella by Suzuki HarunobuLovers in the Snow under an Umbrella © Wikimedia

This painting depicts a couple walking together in the snow. Suzuki Harunobu’s couple painting is both romantic and grievous.  A very good example of a polychrome print. By the way, Harunobu pioneered this type of medium. The couple is shown in a special pose sharing an umbrella. The scene’s placidity illustrates the Japanese wabi, the beauty of humility and quiescence.

6. Springtime -  Pierre-Auguste Cot

Couple painting Springtime by Pierre-Auguste CotSpringtime © Wikipedia

Pierre-Auguste Cot created this oil painting in 1873 and it was one of the most successful works by this artist. This couple painting is a lovely presentation of young love. Look at their eyes and you will be sure that these two are in love with each other. The symbols of spring, including flowers, water and butterflies, surround the couple. You can find the actual painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

7. In Bed: The Kiss - Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 

Couple painting In Bed: The Kiss by Henri de Toulouse-LautrecIn bed – The Kiss | © Wikiart

This couple painting shows two women embracing in bed. The scene captured by Toulouse-Lautrec was described by him as the very epitome of sensual delight. The painting has a balance of bright reds and yellows delicately accented with cooler shades of green, blue, and gray. The couple is holding one another very closely and there is a feeling that they don’t want to be separated from each other.

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