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7 Christmas Gifts that are Sure to Impress

November, 2017

Christmas gift idea that is sure to impress

The nights are getting darker and Christmas is approaching fast. Which means there is some serious shopping that needs to be done. Drawberry understands that finding unique gifts for everyone on your list is a yearly challenge. To help you find the perfect gift, Drawberry has put together a list of 7 ideas

1. Cooking class

Cooking class as a Christmas gift

Everybody likes good food! And wouldn’t you love to surprise your family with some unusual dish? A cooking class could be a great gift for a couple or an entire family. Besides having educational value, it is very easy and lots of fun!

2. Wine tasting session

Wine tasting session as a Christmas gift

Get a fantastic wine tasting experience gift for a friend or a couple of wine lovers! Give them a chance to experience wine in a new way.
There is no right or wrong way to taste wine. But there is a formal way to taste wine that reveals more about the wine in your glass, even before you start drinking. Any wine lover would enjoy that.

3. Portrait painting workshop

Portrait painting workshop as a Christmas gift

This workshop is sure to break down barriers and expand freedom of expression for someone you care about. It doesn’t matter whether they can paint, this retreat will bring countless new ideas and help move the creative spirit forward. Drawberry believes that Picasso was absolutely right when he said that everyone is an artist. The process of creating art is full of joy and excitement regardless of how much talent a person has.

4. Painted photo

Photo into picture with Drawberry as Christmas gift

If your gift recipient loves art, but doesn’t have the patience to learn painting, you can get them a personal masterpiece they are sure to appreciate. Dig through your photo albums to find a great photo to paint from, then upload it to and get a custom family painting or portrait painting you can give as a present.
Since at Drawberry artists compete to paint for you, you can get very reasonable price quotes and who knows, maybe you will decide to get custom paintings from photo for more than one person on your list. Check it out!

5. Day trip or short tour

Day trip or short tour as a Christmas gift

Of course not everyone has months to travel, but don't let that stop you! It is more than doable to experience amazing locations over short time periods. Some even prefer it, the chance to explore new destinations in just a few days or even one day. And giving such a cool present is sure to make you a star this holiday.

6. Perfume workshop

Perfume workshop as a Christmas gift

At a perfume workshop your gift recipient will get a chance to learn about the science behind the scents and create a fragrance of their own. This fantastic experience focusses on the composition and personalisation of scents, lets attendees learn the secrets of perfume making. Such a gift would be a hit with the girls on your list.

7. Ceramic workshop

Ceramic workshop as a Christmas gift

Another great gift idea for a creative person on your list would be a ceramic workshop. Wouldn’t it be great to create a unique piece of dinnerware? If your gift recipient enjoys decorating & designing, sending them to a Ceramic Workshop as a present will inspire their creativity and fuel their desire to express their personal style.

How much of your holiday gift shopping have you completed so far?
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