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7 Movies that Will Leave Creative People Speechless

March, 2018

7 Movies that Will Leave Creative People Speechless

Inspiration is the kind of thing that actually makes this world go round. It often happens that we need some extra sources to keep our own inspiration level at its full and this is normal. The Drawberry team wants to help prevent your inspiration from leaving you even for a second, so we’ve collected some awesome movies for artists and designers to keep you motivated for great doings. These movies are full of beautiful painted portraits, canvas paintings and all kinds of art. Get ready to surf the clouds with our top movies collection!

Movie to Inspire Creative People IRIS

# 7. IRIS

Being a fashion icon recognized all over the world, Iris Apfel remains it at the age of 95. She had never been filmed until meeting Albert Maysles. This isn’t just a biographical film about her career. You’ll experience the history of her hard work to contribute to the world’s fashion and design industry. The famous quote from this film is “I feel lucky to be working. If you’re lucky enough to do something you love, everything else follows.” Even just these meaningful words are enough to inspire us, and you?

Movie to Inspire Creative People The September Issue


This film will take you backstage to the making of the September 2007 issue of the American Vogue, which was the most important issue of the year. Anna Wintour will show you what the real passion for one’s work looks like. Creating a magazine issue reveals the essence of Anna’s professional relationship with Grace, Vogue’s creative director.

Movie to Inspire Creative People Helvetica


Helvetica is part of the Design Trilogy. Does the word Helvetica sound familiar? Yes, you are right, it’s the name of a font that has been widely used and still is today. It will probably be a real surprise to you that a font can affect so many different industries in so many ways. After watching this movie, you probably won’t think anymore that you could create nothing so tremendous and innovating that it would change the world.

Movie to Inspire Creative People Objectified


Every object that surrounds you is designed by someone. This film is about the designers of the most commonly used household objects who devoted their lives to making yours better. Some of them were left in the shadow with no public recognition, however knowing the importance and the impact of what they were doing was the best reward for them.

Movie to Inspire Creative People Design & Thinking


Since design thinking is a major way to move forward in the 21st century, this film shows the role of greatly skilled designers in our time. See how creative thinking makes huge revenues for big companies and helps them grow and flourish. Stay unique, creative and think outside the box: this is a sure way to reach your goals in this day and age.

Movie to Inspire Creative People Eames


Charles and Ray Eames are the most famous designers in the United States. This creative duet has tried almost every area of design: toys, games, photography, interior. The story of their personal lives reveals how their genius was born.

Movie to Inspire Creative People Exit Through the Gift Shop


Even street artists can create masterpieces that become part of the world’s art history. Having a strong belief that this could work, Thierry Guetta started networking and found his success becoming a street artist. This film will definitely surprise you with the way the world of art really works. Be prepared to see some really great canvas pictures on the screen.  

So, are you inspired to watch any of the above? You won’t regret spending your time watching these movies, we promise :)

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