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7 Tips to Add Style to Your Home with Living Room Pictures and More

December, 2017

Modern interior with textured sofa and homeowner painting from photo

Take a look at these trends in interior design that will help make your home look as if it came off a magazine cover. Bright colors, hand painted pictures and cheerful motifs are it this year.

Transformer Rooms and Appliances

Oftentimes, prime property is a not-so-spacious condo with a great downtown location. The lack of square footage can be compensated by transformer rooms and the use of furniture that folds up. Interior designers embrace this approach to ensuring comfortable living conditions in small spaces.

Use furniture that folds up to save space

Art never goes out of style. Hanging a traditional canvas painting on your bedroom or living room wall does not require much space and can help make your place uniquely yours.

Modern interior with an oil painting that expresses who you are /

Get a Real Tree for an Indoor Plant

Having a potted flower on a window sill or a few succulents in your living room is great, but none of those small plants make a statement the way a huge real tree does. And what’s great about big trees is that caring for them is easier than for small house plants. They require much less watering, light or TLC. Palm trees are especially great for home owners who are away a lot or may be plain lazy. And they make a great backdrop to a beach-themed party, even if you live in a location far from the tropics. That’s like green art for the home!

Indoor plant in a modern interior /

Navy Blue is a Great Alternative to Black

Looking to make some changes to your interior décor this year? Use navy blue instead of black for stylish accents or a bold statement, such as a whole room painted navy. The great thing about navy blue is that it works well with most other colors and can easily be added to pretty much any color scheme. Unlike black, which may sometimes make a place look small, navy blue doesn’t have that effect, while it does still add some mystery.

Navy blue is a great alternative to black /

Add Texture to Your Sofa

People love feeling different textures, even if on a subconscious level, and designers are using this attraction to entice clients by introducing lovely textures to furnishings and room accessories. By using textures you can make your home look cozy and serene. Folds, knits, pleats, soft velvety fabrics and yarns are used to create that unique look and feel. The belief is that facing a daily overload of information coming at us from various channels makes people look for comfort, and this has become a macro-trend in interior design lately. So chances are we will continue to see designers using faux furs, mohair and other luxuriously soft materials into 2018.

Add texture to your sofa

Gaf_Lila /

Mixed Patterns

It’s a trend that was first seen at the New York Fashion Week last fall, and since a lot of runway fashion trends migrate to interior design rather quickly, we are bound to see mixed patterns in luxurious interior décor this year. Mixed and mismatched patterns cancel the old belief that a statement piece shouldn’t be too busy. Just look at the room anchoring comforter in the photo here.

Mixed patterns in interior decor

MintImages /

Homeowner Portrait in the Living Room

Nothing makes a home as unique and special as something that depicts the home owners and speaks of their personality. And nothing can do it better than a cool oil portrait in a traditional or some unusual style.

People choose to have their portraits done in abstract or painterly style, Impressionism or photorealism, some other style or a mix of styles. artists can put any custom painting idea you may have in mind on canvas, so you can have a unique work of art to match your interior décor.

Homeowner oil portrait will make your home unique and special

Wood Slice for a Table Top

Add some rustic chic to your living room by using a wood slice table instead of a regular coffee table. The piece will look fashionable and quirky at the same time, making it a great conversation starter. Want to relax in your home alone? Try sitting on the couch and exploring the beautiful natural knots, holes, and all kinds of shape and size variations you can find in a big piece of real wood. That will be enough to make you forget all your troubles and put your mind in a serene state.

Rustic chic in a living room

AnastasiaNess /

We all try to make our home interior speak of who we are. By following the above tips you can definitely find a way to express yourself while getting your home to look luxurious and stylish.

Cozy interior with a custom painting


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