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8 Hacks to Capturing Your Furry Friends’ Portraits Like a Pro

January, 2018

Turn your cute pet photo into a hand-painted pet portrait

Dogs and humans have a special relationship full of love and understanding. We take care of them, teach them, feed them and spend lots of fun time together. In return, our pets consider us to be part of their “pack”. This relationship gives us the impression that we understand our pets and that they understand us as well, since we feel we can interpret our furry companions’ emotions and vice versa. Time with our  4-pawed friends is precious. For sure you take pictures of your pets to save these memories, but you would probably agree that about 50% of these shots aren’t really worth keeping. With the handy tips we are about to share, you get a great opportunity to learn to capture your pet’s best moments with your camera.

1. Choose times when your pet makes you smile

Usually those are their cutest times when your pets wake up from their sleep or are jumping happy at a local park.Try to capture them during these happy moments.

Pet portrait of a smiling dogsanjagrujic /

2. Focus on dog’s eyes

Reading your pet’s eyes is a big part of how you interact with them. You can tell a lot about the mood and personality of a pet just by looking into their eyes.

Pet portrait with focus on their eyesMallory Klippel /

3. Pay attention to their unique features

A lot of dogs have really big ears, or puppies may have really big paws. Some dogs or cats seem like they're smiling or frowning or they have a funny favorite position when sleeping. Capture these moments for unique and funny shots.

English bulldog portrait hands over heelsWilleeCole Photography /

4. Keep your phone or camera at hand

If you spend a lot of time with your dog, a really important hack is to have your phone camera quickly accessible for the cutests shots ever. Be ready to pull out your phone anytime to document your pet’s life. Be sure to learn the quick camera launch options on your device so you don’t miss the best moments.

Keep your camera at hand to capture unique momentsfongleon356 /

5. Teach your dog to be a model

Training is crucial! If you teach your dog to patiently sit still, this will result in the perfect shots you are looking for. Dog training programs are easily accessible on YouTube, so it really is a great resource if your dog needs a bit of help in becoming a better ‘sitter’ for dog portraits.

Teach your dog to sit for portraitsDmytro Zinkevych /

6. Be creative!

We hope that you will now keep your phone camera somewhere close for those great shots. But if you tend to be taking the same photos every time - stop and get creative.Try sitting down for close-up shots, zoom in to capture your pet’s stare at you, perhaps even get down on the floor while your dog is playfully jumping over you! Put them in interesting and unusual places (so long as they are happy to be there) and keep shooting. Connect with your pet and look at how they see the world from their vantage point. Change the angle and perspective to highlight your pet’s unique traits. For example, if you shoot your pet's face from a bit below their ears, the ears will look bigger from that perspective.

Animal portrait highlighting big earsEric Isselee /

7. Don’t rush. Feel the moment. Enjoy.

Enjoy the company of your pet, not just from behind the camera lens. This way you will get the inspiration needed to take those perfect shots!

Take a break, enjoy time togetherbbernard /

8. Turn a photo of your pet into a hand-painted dog portrait

It is always a good idea to not only save photos of your pets in your camera, but also to make them come alive by turning your pet picture into a canvas painting. Have the best of your pet’s portrait pictures hand-painted by a professional artist at to hang on the wall in your living room and make you smile every now and then :)

Oil pet portrait from photo

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