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Custom Painting From Photo: Awesome Hand-Painted Portraits

March, 2018

Painted portraits created by talented artists

If you are here, you probably like art as much as we do. Drawberry decided to put together a list of some awesome hand-painted portraits created from photos by very talented artists. Ready to get your dose of inspiration from canvas pictures?

1. Photo to Art

It’s not a secret that the best photo is usually one where the person is showing sincere emotions. Especially a smiling face. The success of this painted portrait below is in vivid emotions.

Turn photo into painting with Drawberry

2. Oil portrait

Scrambling to find a unique present for your boss for his birthday or another special occasion? Look at this oil painting from photo below. This gift is sure to be remembered for a long time. Photo to oil painting is a win-win idea!

Any photo to oil painting with Drawberry is a safe and easy gift idea

3. Painted photo

Want to surprise a loved one or a relative? Drawberry artists can help you do this. They are real wizards ready to listen to all your wishes and create a masterpiece just for you!

Convert photo to canvas painting with Drawberry

4. Bride’s painted portrait

Brides are so beautiful! And we bet anyone would want to save the memory of their wonderful wedding day for a long time. Look at the picture painting below. We could admire this beauty for hours!

Turn your bride’s photo into painting with Drawberry

5. Turn picture into painting for a special gift

Here at Drawberry you can order his portrait as a Superman or a king on a throne. It will make a unique gift that he is sure to like. Find a photo of him that he actually likes and ask the artist to add any details you want to your hand painted picture. Look at the cool painting below.

Putting photos on canvas is a great idea

6. Want to surprise someone? Custom painting from photo is a good choice!

Oil portraits are probably the most fantastic choice when it comes to custom painting. If you decide to convert photo to canvas painting, consider having it done in oil. Talented artists from all over the world registered on Drawberry are ready to turn your photo into a real oil painting.

Look at this awesome oil portrait below and get inspired to have one done for you too!

Order a painting

Portrait painting is safe and easy with Drawberry

7.  Picture into drawing

If you want to give something special as a present, an oil portrait or another type of custom painting or drawing could be a great option.

A hand painted canvas, whether you paint it yourself or order from a skilled artist, is a fantastic way to preserve special moments for generations.

Picture into drawing with Drawberry

8. Child’s oil portrait

Want a truly unique decor idea?

Here is a great option! You can create a personal masterpiece that will wow your guests and help you make your precious memories last forever.

All you need to do is pick your favorite photo, like a cute photo of your child, and upload it to our website. Canvas pictures can make a great home decor element!

Turn your child’s picture into painting with Drawberry

9. Gorgeous hand painted photo

Want to be original and romantic? Choosing a perfect gift for her may often be hard, especially if you are busy working. A hand-painted portrait from photo can be a great solution for a situation like this. Order her painted portrait. It will only take you a few minutes to choose and upload a photo, pick a size and style you like and get the job started. No more worries about your perfect gift!

A hand-painted portrait from photo is a great gift for her

10. Want to surprise your friend?

It can be hard to find a perfect gift for your friend.. We know that!

Finding his or her selfie on Instagram or Facebook is easy though :)

Just upload this selfie to Drawberry and our artist will create a unique gift that will surely impress your friend!

Painted portrait with Drawberry

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