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Custom Painting From Photo: Wedding Anniversary

March, 2018

Custom Painting From Photo: Wedding Anniversary

Every anniversary is a special day. Wedding anniversaries are celebrated in many different ways. One of the ways to reaffirm the love for each other is doing something special on this day. Here are some of the ideas and ways to celebrate this exceptional day.

1. Cook your favorite food from your wedding day for breakfast

Try to recreate your wedding day salad or a meal that has a special meaning to both of you. That will be a good start for this special day. Making this breakfast together could certainly be a fun challenge. When everything is ready - eat and watch your wedding video.

How to celebrate wedding anniversary: romantic breakfastDean Drobot /

2. Live through your first date again

Relive the memories of your first date: go to a sandwich place or movies and then find some field to watch the falling stars. Try to do exactly as you did it when your relationship started.  Even if you can’t exactly recreate your first date, go to a snack bar that carries similar food, then watch a movie and have a walk. Make it a time to get away from the daily routine and enjoy each other’s company. 

Happy elderly couple celebrating wedding anniversaryDmytro Zinkevych /

3. Have a couple photoshoot

It is a good idea to capture each wedding anniversary on photo. Instead of a regular studio photoshoot, it could be a walk with a photographer through your favorite places around town, the venues that hold special meaning to you, a place where you had your first kiss or the church where you were married. Keep an anniversary album for these cherished memories.

Find some creative ideas for your couple photoshoot here

10 creative ideas for how to take a perfect couple photo

Later on you can have your couple photo turned into a canvas painting. That’s our next idea for you.

Romantic photoshoot, couple kissing on a bridgeDitty_about_summer /

4. Give thoughtful gifts

For each anniversary, there are traditional presents that you can give. For instance, a gift for the first anniversary is traditionally something paper. Consider giving your spouse stationery you have customized, a book, a love letter, or anything else made of paper. For a more unique and thoughtful gift, consider getting a custom painting from photo, which can also count as paper. You can choose a photo from your wedding album or from your couple photoshoot, and order a painting from photo. A pleasant surprise for your spouse is guaranteed. As an added bonus, such custom art can make a great decor element for your living room interior.

Learn how to order hand painted pictures here --->

Have a look at some examples of great couple paintings:

Custom art for every home

Couple painting from photo

Custom painting from photo: wedding day

While you are at it, check out 10 Best Couples Gifts for Any Occasion to find more interesting gift ideas.

5. Just be together

Take a day off from work, turn off your cell phones and stop checking emails. Spend some true quality time together. Just the two of you. This is what your anniversary should be about. Make a playlist of songs you both love: it will remind you of your fun times together. Every couple or family probably has such songs that they usually sing in the car or while cooking. Listen to this playlist when you are together not only on this day, but whenever you want. Try to carry the feelings from your wedding or anniversary day on to everyday life by doing something special for your spouse every day to help avoid the rut. Let it be a sticky love note on the fridge, a morning coffee or a bouquet of flowers: bring more happy moments to your everyday life.

Just be together on wedding anniversaryRock and Wasp /

Hope you find our anniversary celebration ideas helpful. Go ahead, make the day really special for the two of you!

If you have some hacks for celebrating wedding anniversaries, please do let us know in comments.

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