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How to Creatively Reuse Old Family Photos

February, 2018

Check out these creative ideas from Drawberry for reusing old photos in an unusual way

Too many photos and you don’t know where to keep them? A lot of boxes or photo albums? And the worst thing is that the memory in your smartphone is overloaded with pictures. But if you print them all, you’ll need to find a smart way to keep them.

Instead of dragging out huge photo albums to show to your guests, there are many alternative ways to show off your photo collection. Drawberry has found 6 of the most interesting ideas for using old photos in unusual and creative ways.

Let’s begin!

1. Photos in candle holders will light up the room and make it cozy

First, find some jars or glasses that you can put the candles in. Choose the photos to be put around the candleholders. Cut your photos to appropriate size and attach them around the glass. Now you can light up your room with the most cherished moments. Isn’t this cool? You can put these candle holders on your dinner table and enjoy a cozy family meal together.

Photos in candle holders will light up the room and make it cozyImage: Pinterest

2. Real family tree with photos

Do you have a garden by your house? If you do, you can create special decor for a tree there. Choose family photos (you can include all of your relatives if you like) and attach them to a tree in your garden. That will make a real family tree! Do this together with your kids: it will give you a chance to tell them about some family history, share funny stories from the past or introduce distant relatives they may not have known about. Take some new family portrait photos in the process too. This activity could be fun for everyone!

Laminate old black and white photos or frame them and stick to a tree in the gardenImage: Roomadness

3. Wall clock with your photos

Stop looking for the most beautiful or expensive frames for your photos. A good way to get your photos to look great in some basic frames is to make a DIY wall clock with them. Place your photos in a circle instead of numbers, just like you see in the picture below. It will look amazing and make you think about your family whenever you look there to check the time.

Custom wall clock with family photos instead of numbersImage: Happydecal

4. Special calendar with family photos

You can choose the best photos for every month and order a Personalized Family Calendar. But if you want to make it yourself, the best way is to find a large board and stick your photos at the top. Add a full-year or one-month calendar at the bottom. Fill in all your special dates on your calendar. This could also make a great gift for someone you care about.

Make a family calendar with all special dates markedImage: Pinterest

5. Garland of family photos

Planning a big party? Consider making a special photo garland with friends’ or family pictures.  Your guests will love looking through all the photos and talking about the memories caught on camera. You can make several garlands with different themes: family members, birthday parties over the years, favorite holiday photos, your pet portraits. A great reminder of some unforgettable moments!

Photo garlands with different themes for party decorImage: Lunapelota

6. Make painted portraits from your photos

The absolute best way to use your old family photos is to create a personal masterpiece and make your precious memories last forever. All you need to do is pick your favorite photo and upload it to a website. Canvas pictures can be a great home decor element. And if you need a special gift for someone, an oil portrait could be a great option.

A hand painted canvas, whether you paint it yourself or order from a skilled artist, is a fantastic way to preserve special family moments for generations.

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