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How to Decorate the Kitchen. Original Ideas: Canvas Pictures and More

March, 2018

How to create original decor for your kitchen

The kitchen is often called the heart of a home, and rightfully so. Here we cook, eat, take little breaks with a cup of tea and plan household chores. It's amazing how much time we all end up spending in our kitchens! No doubt that good kitchen interior design is important for inspiring us and making us happy. In this article Drawberry offers you 12 tips for decorating the kitchen - original ideas for decor, storage and lighting, which could all be DIY

1. Decorate your kitchen with green plants and herbs

Green plants and fragrant herbs are a popular trend in kitchen decor. You can beautifully decorate any place in the kitchen: the tabletop, walls or even windows. Choose potted flowers instead of freshly cut ones, so you will not have to change them often. Flowers and ceramics - the perfect combination of decor in the kitchen, which will give the interior an atmosphere of celebration and hospitality.

Add fresh flavor to kitchen decor with green /

Modern decor for kitchen with green plants

Gaf_Lila /

2. Wall Decor in the Kitchen

Couple painting as a wall decor idea for kitchen

Even if you do not have a large blank wall in the kitchen, this wall decor idea works great to highlight the dining area. In the picture above you see an example of decorating a wall with a hand painted canvas. You could also use shelves and hooks with dishes, maps, photo wallpapers and various handicrafts to decorate kitchen walls.

Family painting as a wall decor idea for your kitchen

3. Rugs with a bold pattern

An area rug with bright colors is a simple way to bring a new batch of unusual patterns to kitchen interior. Today, bright carpets or rugs in ethnic or rustic styles are a hot trend. Not to complicate your life, be sure to choose practical materials and a uniform color scheme for your kitchen.

Add some unusual patterns with a bright rug in your kitchenZastolskiy Victor /

4. Cozy rustic decor ideas

Wicker baskets, bright fabrics with frills, dried flowers, country-style ceramics, as well as vegetables and fruit will add unique rustic charm and comfort to the design of your kitchen.

Cozy rustic decor ideas for kitchenFribus Mara /

5. Using curtains to decorate the kitchen

Shorter curtains are most often chosen for kitchen interior. They can be hung and decorated in many different ways. Drawberry found a couple of easy and very cute DIY ideas you could turn to for making your kitchen curtains look extra special and stylish: see the photos. In addition to beautiful curtains, you can decorate a window in your kitchen with convenient shelves that could hold indoor plants, statuettes or other pretty accessories.

How to decorate a window in the kitchen DIYJuJik /

How to decorate windows in the kitchen with curtains

Kim Wutimet /

6. Bright accents in kitchen interior

An original idea for decorating your kitchen: select decor elements and accessories in one bright color, which will stand out against a background of calm or neutral furniture. You could also add a bright accent by painting one or all kitchen walls in a vivid color.

By the way, check out some ideas to help you choose and mix the right colors for your kitchen

How to Perfectly Match Interior Design Colors

Bright accents in kitchen interiorSix Dun /

Colorful kitchen decor idea

Africa Studio /

7. Original kitchen organizers

The thing that could make any kitchen look beautiful is perfect order. Some organizers for spices, cereals and other foods, for kitchen utensils and other stuff you use for cooking, can be part of your big kitchen decor picture. They could be placed on open shelves, countertops or hung on walls.

Original kitchen organizersDmitry Galaganov /

8. Decor for the dining table

If you want to decorate the kitchen table, it is better to choose large objects, such as vases, flower pots, fruit pots and salad bowls, which, if necessary, could be easily rearranged. Another option is to arrange the decor on a beautiful stand or tray.

How to decorate a dining table in the kitchennewphotoservice /

9. Place decor over wall cabinet tops

If the wall cabinets in your kitchen do not go all the way up to the ceiling, then you simply have to decorate this gap with vases, canvas pictures, indoor plants or other accessories. It looks very stylish and also helps to visually extend the wall height.

Decor over wall cabinets in a kitchenMarko Poplasen /

10. Decorative dishes and plates

Festive porcelain, patterned plates, crystal glasses or beautiful dishes can be hung on the kitchen walls or displayed on open shelves.

Decor ideas for your kitchenunited photo studio /

Bright accessories for kitchen decor

Africa Studio /

11. Bright and unusual kitchen chairs

The bright color of dining chairs can create a stunning effect in kitchen design. It is perfect time for you to change your old kitchen stools!

Decorate your interior with bright and unusual /

12. Modern lighting ideas for the kitchen

An unusual way to decorate the kitchen is to install home-made or industrial lamps, as well as to highlight areas with an LED ribbon or candles in antique lanterns. Lighting can dramatically change the design of your kitchen!

Modern white and gray kitchen interior design with LED diode ceiling lightingSvet_Feo /

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