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How to Draw a Hedgehog in 5 Steps

February, 2018

How to draw a hedgehog step by step

Despite the thousands of spines on their backs, hedgehogs are so cute that we can’t stop smiling when we see one. It may seem a hard task to draw one, but the steps below will illustrate that even a child can handle it. So, are you here with some paper and a pencil ready to start? Let’s go!

Step 1

How to draw a hedgehog step by stepPicture by

Everyone normally starts by drawing the outline, so do we. You will need to draw 2 oval shapes: one for the head and a bigger one for the body. Don’t worry if your shapes are not ideal, we will use them only to build the right proportions for our hedgehog, and will even erase some of them later in the process.

Step 2

How to draw a hedgehog step by stepPicture by

It’s time to draw the muzzle and 4 paws. The most important thing in this step is to draw the muzzle as accurately as you can. As soon as you’re done, add the nose and eyes. Our shapes have transformed into something that’s starting to look like a hedgehog, haven’t they?

Step 3

How to draw a hedgehog step by stepPicture by

Now draw the torso and 2 ears. Feel free to erase the unnecessary lines done in step 1. Don’t forget the whiskers. Your hedgehog will look more alive if you add a flare in its eye.

Step 4

How to draw a hedgehog step by stepPicture by

In our last week’s article (How to draw cat paws) we showed you how to draw a pet portrait. It was a bit more of a simple task because people have the option of looking at their pet and studying its anatomy. In this step of drawing a hedgehog you should look for some hedgehog photos online. Look at the details of their paws, spines, ears. Done? Ok, let’s proceed with drawing the right shape of paws, face and belly.

Step 5

How to draw a hedgehog step by stepPicture by

The time has come for the spines (needles). Normally they must be tilted to the side and not very long, so nobody could confuse your hedgehog with a porcupine. Erase the unneeded lines gently with a regular eraser before drawing the spines. Don’t forget that hedgehogs also have small claws, so you should add them to the paws.

How to draw a hedgehog step by stepPicture by

Your hedgehog is ready, congratulations! If you feel your hedgehog is lonely in the picture or doesn’t look alive, add some light pencil strokes for a sort of “3D” form and/or add some fruit or mushrooms to place your hedgehog in its natural habitat.

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