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How to Draw Cat Paws in 5 Steps

February, 2018

Tips for easily drawing cat paws in 5 steps

This time we’d like to show you the 5 main principles of drawing a cat paw and you’ll be doing it like a pro in 10 minutes. How does that sound?

Every cat paw is just as unique as a human fingerprint. They are also often compared to roses: inside the cute fluff, sharp claws are hidden. It is the fluff that will help us draw them is a few simple steps.

Let’s start with understanding the simple anatomy. A typical cat has five fingers, but not all of them are used for walking, just 4 are. The fifth finger is positioned like a human thumb and normally doesn’t touch the ground. Each finger has a claw which is hidden inside until the cat decides to attack, play or climb.

Learning the cat paw anatomyDabchai labchait /

How cat claws are positionedkuban_girl /

It’s time to sketch paws! Let’s imagine that the paws are a piece of wire. Your task is to position this “wire” so that it would normally support the cat’s body.

How to draw cat paws, step 1Image by

When we are done with the “wire”, let’s draw the basic shapes of the 4 paws.

How to draw cat paws, step 2Image by

As soon as the basic shapes are done, we can work on details. Try to remember how the toes and fingers are positioned and add them to the shapes.

How to draw cat paws, step 3Image by

Remember we told you in the very beginning that the fluff would help us a lot, as it covers many details? If you want to draw a pet portrait of a short-haired cat, we will have to draw the pads with toes and fingers in more detail.

How to draw cat paws, step 4Image by

The final step is the outline of the paws and the fluff.

How to draw cat paws, step 5Image by

Here, you have just mastered the cat paws!

Add some color and you’re done!

Cat portraits are not an easy task even for professional artists. If you’ve experimented with trying to draw a cat yourself and it didn’t go too well, Drawberry artists are always ready to paint a custom pet portrait from photo for you.


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