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How to Hang Your Custom Painting Like a Pro

January, 2018

Check out these secrets to hanging hand-painted pictures in your living space like a pro

Do you live in a big contemporary house and feel your walls are impossible to fill? Can’t decide on the size of a painting to order or on the best place to hang it? Our tips below will certainly help you make the right choice.

Picking the type of wall decor

Just take a good look at your wall and try to imagine the painting size you’d like to see in the spot you picked. Too many options in your house? Don’t worry, we have some tips and ideas for you.

Picking the best centered spot for your custom painting

Picking the best centered spot for your custom painting. Image: Tr1sha /

First of all, remember that a good rule to choosing the right place for any type of wall art is to deduct 7-13 inches from the wall width on each side. That will help your hand-painted canvas to look centered, like in the picture.

Let’s say your wall is 40 inches wide. Leave about 7 inches on each side and you’ll get about 26 inches to use for your custom painting.

How to hang a custom painting above the furniture

Hang your hand-painted canvas above the furniture

Want to hang the painted picture over your bed, table or sofa?

You’ll have to choose the width for your hand-painted canvas that is equal or smaller than your piece of furniture. It’s best to avoid hanging a painting of a bigger size in those spots, as it simply won’t look right.

Picking wall art for a big wall

How to pick wall art for a large wall. Image: Illustratorstock /

Feel confused when picking a spot for your hand-painted canvas on a large wall?

A giant custom painting from photo may be too expensive or too hard to deliver. A great alternative could be to choose smaller paintings that will form sort of a collage on your wall.

How to hang a diptych or triptych painting on a wall

A good way to hang multiple paintings on a large wall. Image: Stanisic Vladimir /

Ordered a diptych or triptych custom painting from photo? Be sure to leave at least 2-3 inches between the pieces. Larger spacing is a good option if you have a bigger wall. Just remember the rule to pick a spot right in the center.

How to hang wall art

Let’s pick the right height for your future custom painting.

The process of choosing the height is usually full of potential mistakes. The main thing you should remember is to hang your painting at your sight line, not too high and not too low.  Make it hang at least 55-65 inches from the floor, depending on the height of your wall, or 6-8 inches above the furniture.

Picking the right spot to hang your hand-painted canvas

Hang wall decor 6-8 inches above your furniture. Image: /

As soon as you’ve picked a spot for the painting, visualize it with painter’s tape, or just a ruler and a pencil, and look at it once again. Looks good? Now you should be ready to choose the right custom art and hang it like a pro. Turn your photo into painting right now to fill those boring empty walls for your perfect interior.

Wall decor ideas

Hand painted pictures are not the only kind of wall art. Use your own imagination to decorate your living space with other objects. It can be just about anything! We have collected some ideas to inspire you below. Have fun :)

Bedroom wall decor from metal

Metal wall decor. Image: EDS Interiors

Decorating walls with wooden panels and branches

Wooden panels as wall art. Image: Artistic Environments

Matching your custom painting colors with room accessories

Matching the painting with room accessories. Image: /

A custom painted diptych for a small living room

A diptych for a small living room. Image: /

Spacing between multiple custom paintings

The right spacing between painting pieces. Image: Illustratorstock /

Wall decor for a cozy living room

Cozy living room. Image: West Chin Architects /

Colorful wall art to decorate your room

Colorful wooden frames. Image: /

Custom art for the stairs area

Family photos along the stairs. Image: Gladskikh Tatiana /

Perfect colors for wall art

Perfect color that matches the wall structure. Image: Illustratorstock /

Wooden frame wall decor for the living room

Just a wooden frame can also look good. Image: Just Perfect Staging /

Creative wall art

Simple piano painting. Image: Koksharov Dmitry /

Stylish wall decor ideas

An ideal color match. Image: Interior Design /

Order painting from photo for your living room decor

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