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How to Perfectly Match Interior Design Colors to Canvas Pictures

February, 2018

Canvas pictures in interior design

So, are you all done creating the interior design you dreamed of?

It’s time to add some beautiful accents to the perfect look. Color is a fantastic tool for emphasizing the most important elements of your room and furniture, however mismatched colors  can make it look boring and even ugly.

We have some ideas to help you choose and mix the right colors for various locations in your home. 

The modern approach to mixing colors is usually a combination of neutral, light wall and furniture colors with some vibrant accents. Bright spots in your area help to create a really gorgeous look, so let’s think of some perfect mixes.

Monochromatic color schemes

Canvas pictures in interior /

Blue and cream-color bedroom decor, monochromatic blue color scheme

The first option you should consider when choosing paint for your walls is monochromatic colors.

Dark and deep colors (like the deep blue in the picture) will create a perfect match with the pale colors of your furniture. Think of dark blue, violet, magenta, grey, deep ruby and emerald combined with milky white or pure white furniture and canvas paintings’ frames.

Monochromatic color schemes are the easiest way to match colors, so if you are a beginner, it’s a good option for you to start your first interior design with.  

Two-color combinations

Who says you have to paint all walls in your room the same color?

Another modern trend in stylish interior solutions is painting room walls with 2 colors. Look at how cool that can be!

Color combinations in interior /

Matching interior colors for bright, beautiful, and modern decor

Triadic color schemes

Feel that only 2 colors are not enough to make your eyes happy?

Not a problem, just learn how to choose the right colors and patterns that will look amazing together.

How to choose the right colors in interior designPressmaster /

First, choose the main color for your interior or just pick the one you already have in other rooms.

Then add one color that matches the first one and think of a pattern that will make them look harmonious.

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Patterns in interior designPrasit Rodphan /

It’s actually not as hard as it seems. Just remember the core mixes:

Red harmoniously matches white, blue, pink, orange, golden yellow, bronze and black.

Bright orange goes with the lighter orange tones, beige, white, yellow, black and gray colors. Don’t be afraid of bright colors like orange.

The green shades are good with lime, grey, beige and black.

Blue colors are often used in modern interior decor and look fantastic with beige, silver, white and purple tones.

Pink  is great with ivory, white, grey, beige, lilac and black.

Yellow color creates a perfect match with pale yellow or coffee beige, white, black, grey, golden, cream.

Brown color shades need a touch of the brighter tones like golden, mocco, beige, light green, yellow and blue.  

Don’t think of just matching the walls and furniture colors. In fact, a lot of smaller design elements can create a big meaning. Experiment with colors in decorative pillows, carpets, curtains, interior toys and chandeliers. The best effect can often be reached with the help of paintings, photos and decorative elements hung on the walls.

Just take a look at these examples of how a hand-painted canvas can make the interior look stylish and complete.

Canvas pictures in interior designAfrica Studio /

How about the combination of yellow, white and grey?

The bright interior will definitely make your mood better on a rainy day.

Canvas pictures in interior designAfrica Studio /

Dark purple makes a sensitive combination with lilac and light grey.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Canvas pictures in interior designAfrica Studio /

Another good match with the help of paintings for the interior. Light grey gives unlimited space to your imagination. Be careful when choosing a spot to hang your painting above furniture.

We recommend that you read How to Hang Your Custom Painting Like a Pro first.

Canvas pictures in interior designAfrica Studio /

Light grey and blue tones? Perfect!

If your wall is in a pale color, be sure to brighten it up a little with the help of hand-painted or printed canvases.

If you need some assistance or good advice for How to Get the Right Hand Painted Pictures for Your Room, just follow the link.

Canvas pictures in interior designAfrica Studio /

50 shades of green? Not a problem, if mixed with classic white and black. The look is really elegant.

Canvas pictures in interior designAfrica Studio /

A perfect combination of brown, lime green and calm blue tones.

Every interior design can be improved with the help of bright accents on your walls. And to make it even more unique, use a painting made from your photo.

Drawberry is here to help you turn photo into painting!

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