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How to Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for Your Man

February, 2018

How to Plan a Perfect Birthday Party for Your Man

1. Creativity is key

Need to plan a perfect surprise party for your man? Add some creative ideas that he will definitely like and your party will be absolutely unforgettable.

Remember that you have to think about your man’s preferences, not yours or his family members. Otherwise this party won’t be so special to the person who matters most.

Today, the options we have are almost endless, but a themed party is still a win-win choice.

If your guy is in his 20s, you can plan a party based on his favorite movie theme.

For a man in his 30s, look to his favorite sports team for inspiration, if he is into sports of course.

If your man is in his 40s or older, a more classic theme will probably work best, like, for example, Vintage or Hollywood.

First of all, think about his hobby and interests. Then try to incorporate them in party elements to make it truly special.

If you want to surprise him for his birthday check out these creative ideasRohappy /

2. Hand Painted Oil Portrait as a Gift for His Birthday

Planning a party is a lot of work, so make sure you have a birthday gift ready even before you start to plan, or you may be too busy later to give it enough thought.

You’ll have so many things to do: plan the party menu, invite friends, secretly decorate the party place... Don’t end up having to find the perfect gift for him at the last moment. We have a great idea for you!

Order a real oil painting from his photo. It will make a unique gift that he is sure to like. Find a photo of him that he actually likes and ask the artist to add any details you want to your hand painted picture. You can order his portrait as a Superman or a king on a throne. He’ll get a kick out of his personal custom painting from photo, especially if he loves art!

All you need to do is upload your photo to and get a custom portrait painting you can give as a present for your man.

At Drawberry, real artists from all over the world are ready to paint for you for a very reasonable price, and who knows, maybe you will decide to get custom paintings from more than one photo. Your couple painting could make a great gift for your anniversary! Place your order right now and you will have enough time to plan a perfect party without stressing out about finding the perfect gift.

Make his birthday extra special and order his painted portrait as a giftOrder a real oil painting from his photo

3. Perfect Planning List

You need to start planning in advance and base your plans on the number of guests you expect to see at the party.

If you plan to invite about 50 guests, organizing the party will take at least 10 days.

Here is a perfect plan for you:

10 days before day X

Book a party place and notify all guests. Don’t forget to mention that the party is a surprise for him!

7 days before day X

Buy all decorations and order food.

5 days before day X

Get the drinks and store them safely.

3 days before day X

Final preparations. Don’t forget yourself! You will want to look stunning for him, as that alone could be a great gift.

Day X

Enjoy his reaction! Smile, hug him and have fun!

The worst thing that can happen to spoil a surprise party is when someone slips and ruins the surprise. Be sure to tell all guests to keep it a secret at all costs. The more people know of this secret, the higher the chances of the birthday guy  finding out, so limit the number of people who are in the know.  

Before his birthday, tell him that you’ll be waiting at the place you’ve booked to celebrate together, just the two of you.

Don’t forget to bring him a costume that will go well with yours, if it’s a themed party. You two are the hosts of the best party ever.

Start planning his birthday party in advance based on the number of guests expectedMostovyi Sergii Igorevich /

4. Make His Birthday Extra Special

This party is not about you, it’s all about him. So think about his interests and preferences. Do not choose your favorite food or party games.

If your man likes chips and beer, get them for his party! Doesn’t matter if you prefer sushi and wine. Same thing with the music and the guests you invite. You need to do your best to guess what he’d like and make it come true. His birthday gives you a great chance to show how deeply in love you are with him and how many things you know about him. Don’t miss this chance! 

If you try a bit harder, you may be able to come up with a surprise that will simply blow him away. For example, try getting his favorite baseball player to sign a card for him. And if you’re feeling brave enough, jump out of the cake! Why not?

His birthday is the perfect time to show him how much you love himNestor Rizhniak /

5. Help is a Good Idea

You don’t need to do everything by yourself. Throwing a birthday party for him is not an easy job to do alone. There is a lot of stuff to prepare and a lot of things that could go wrong. So, asking for help is a very good idea!

Remember that you need to be happy and shine at his party instead of being exhausted after all the preparations.

If your party is not intended as a surprise, you can ask your guy to help you with organizing it. And of course you can ask his friends and your friends if they’d be willing to help you. Relax and delegate!

Remember that you don’t have to approve every single detail and decision. For example, your man’s friends could decide about drinks for the party.

Try to find at least some people who can help you and give them different jobs. It’s always better to delegate one job to one person.

Throwing a birthday party would seem hard at first, but hopefully with the tips we’ve given you, you’ll be able to easily plan the perfect party for your man.

What are you waiting for? Start working on a birthday party he will remember for the rest of his life! 

Ask your friends to help with surprise birthday party for /

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