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Learn How to Relax with Funny Cat Portraits

March, 2018

Adorable cat portraits sleeping in different poses

Drawberry thinks anyone could benefit from learning some sleeping habits from cats. They can sleep anywhere and in almost any position. Wouldn’t you love to be able to do that?

Drawberry found some really funny sleeping cat portraits. Share which one you think to be the best pet portrait in the comments below. We think that number 5 is especially cute! What’s your favorite?

Number 12

Cute cat portrait with ownerAfrica Studio /

Probably the best place for any cat is somewhere near its owner. So cozy and so warm! Would be interesting to know what is on the cat’s mind. Maybe something like this: “He can’t sleep without me. I think that he can’t live without me either! I am his master.”

Number 11

This cat knows how to relax: just cover the eyes with a pawSupachai.k /

Want to take a nap on a bench at a park? Why not? It’s a perfect place under the sun! And this cat portrait is good proof of that.

Number 10

The best pet portrait happens in unusual placesAndrey_Kuzmin /

You know that cats pick some really unusual places for cozy naps? This kitten found the perfect spot in the washing machine. The owner caught the cutest pet portrait ever!

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Number 9

Some pet portraits are so adorable!Vasek Rak /

Who said cats and dogs can’t be friends? It looks like these cuties are best buddies!

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Number 8

Some cats are able to find enough space for a nap even on the iron railingelwynn /

You think it’s uncomfortable to sleep on iron railing? This cat portrait shows that you are totally wrong! This cat is relaxing and having a good time.

Number 7

It is comforting to be able to hold a favorite toy while sleepingSarah Newton /

We are sure that the best way to sleep is holding a favorite toy tight in your paws. And this cat agrees with us. It isn’t going to let go of that mouse even for a moment.

Number 6

Lovely pet portrait with ownerVerkhovynets Taras /

Cats can relax in their owners’ arms and not worry about anything. So much trust and love in this cute cat portrait. Still don’t know how to get a good photo of you and your pet?

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Number 5

Cats like to sleep on the back especially on a soft pillowFabiano's_Photo /

Every cat has its favorite soft place for sleeping. Cat portraits where they sleep on their back are the funniest! Wouldn’t you agree?

Number 4

Do not wake the cat up too early in the morning!Dziewul /

Of course the best time to catch some beauty sleep is early morning! This cat knows this for sure. Just stay in your bed, or on a bench :) Depending on where you prefer to sleep :)

Number 3

Sleepy white cat portraitJorn Out /

This sleeping white beauty is so sweet! Look at its paws!

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Number 2

Adorable sleeping pet portraitOfficial /

This cat can sleep while sitting. Looks really comfortable,doesn’t it? Hmmm..

Number 1

Sleeping cat portraitsujin vaipia /

Oh no! Looks like this cat had too much to eat!

Hey! We aren’t asleep and are ready to turn any of your photos to painting.

Pet portraits from photos turn out AWESOME

Custom pet portrait with owner from photo

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