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Picture to Canvas Painting as Unique Easter Decor

March, 2018

Picture to canvas painting with Drawberry as unique Easter decor

Easter is a very special holiday. Many people worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, candlelight, flowers and the church bells ringing.

Many Christians view Easter as the greatest holiday, a day of joy and celebration.

Although Easter has great religious significance, many people in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom mostly think of it as a time to decorate eggs and to participate in Easter egg hunts where eggs are hidden by the Easter Bunny. Children receive Easter baskets full of candy, snacks, and gifts around this holiday.

Drawberry has found some cute decor ideas for this important holiday. Check them out!

1. Themed painted portrait

If you are going to host a party on Easter Day, you will probably want to impress your guests with unique decor ideas. Easter decorating ideas such as flowers, eggs, Easter bunnies, festive wreaths and baskets will be almost everywhere. Need something unusual? How about your photo on canvas? It’s a great idea for any occasion, but for Easter you can make it special by choosing an Easter-themed photo. Just imagine the faces of your guests when they come in and see he cool canvas on your wall. They will most certainly be impressed!

Themed painted portrait is a great decor idea for holiday

2. Your cherished moments on canvas

There are many Easter-time traditions that most families pass on from generation to generation. Some of those traditions can be Easter eggs and activities such as egg rolling and egg decorating.

Many children enjoy participating in Easter egg “hunts,” in which you need to find hidden decorated eggs.

Do you have such traditions in your family?

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Save your cherished moments forever with with a custom painting from Drawberry

3. Family painting as a perfect Easter decoration

Enjoy Easter Sunday with your close family and friends. Easter is a time when family gathers together to celebrate Christ’s resurrection and treat kids to sweets and gifts. We recommend that you capture egg coloring and holiday preparations on photo, then turn a photo into a canvas painting. When your guests come to see you around the holiday, a themed painted photo on canvas can make a great conversation starter! Just be sure to think of Easter decorations in advance so you will have enough time to order a custom painting from photo from talented artists. It usually takes about 14 days to hand-paint your picture plus delivery. So plan your time accordingly and order custom art in advance. It’s going to be worth it, as such artwork will definitely steal the attention of your guests that day.

Family painting from photo by Drawberry artists

4. Creative Easter basket idea: love in a basket

Give a thrift store basket new life by decorating it with silk or paper flowers and some fun ribbon. Decorate yours however you like, but keep in mind that flowers will take a plain Easter basket from basic to beautiful. Fill it with treats and add one special gift, such as a framed canvas painting, then mail it to somebunny you love :)

Easter basket with a hand-painted portrait as a gift

5. Table decoration idea for Easter

Do you also wish that the Easter bunny would take care of decorating the table for your Easter dinner too? Stop browsing store after store for table decor. Thanks to fresh floral centerpieces, Easter egg place cards, bunny napkins, Easter-themed hand-painted pictures on the table, your hunt for beautiful Easter table settings is officially over. Celebrate the arrival of spring with these simple yet useful ideas!

Kid’s photo converted to painting for Easter by talented artists

6. Include kids in Easter decor creation

Of course, the best fun at Easter is decorating real eggs, if you don’t mind getting your kids’ hands a little dirty. You can either decorate a hard-boiled egg or one that has been ‘blown’. Here’s a creative and easy way to decorate your Easter Eggs this year with some melted crayons. Kids will love to watch the crayons melt, creating a cool marbled effect on the eggs. Almost like magic!All you need are some crayons, a grater and eggs to decorate. No crayons? Kids would also love to use their hands and gouache paint to decorate eggs, while you will be able to take some funny pictures of your kids. Don’t forget to convert this picture to canvas painting to be able to admire these fun times together for many years to come!

Kids art captured on canvas

7. Vivid emotions from your family life saved on a canvas picture

A festive table is a key element for Easter celebration.

Here are some ideas for stylish table decor:

- Buy Easter-themed dishes and bring them out every year exclusively for this special holiday.

- Consider getting a stylish tablecloth, some beautiful spring-colored napkins, candles, vases, etc.

- Turn your family photo into painting and place it near the dining table

Below is a great idea for Easter table decoration in the beige-pink-blue palette.

Turn your family photo into painting for Easter decor

8. Painted photo of your child

An Easter photoshoot tradition is a good one. If your family still doesn’t have it, you should add it to your list. It will help you save those cosy moments when the family is all together. And children grow so fast!

So take your creativity to the next level and turn some of your child’s photos into a hand painted picture.

Let your child choose a favorite photo and send it to a professional artist to make a painting from. This process will connect photography and painting in your child’s mind, offering a magnificent visualization of art.

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9. Picture to canvas painting for living room decor

Get ready for Easter with some touches of spring.

- Enliven your next buffet with an arrangement of eggcup bouquets displayed on cake stands;

- Dyed in fresh spring hues, egg sticker chain makes a cheerful seasonal swag for a living room wall;

- Your child’s painted Easter-themed picture would make a perfect addition to your Easter home decoration.

Your child’s photo on canvas by is the best decoration for Easter

Hope our Easter hacks were egg-stremely useful to you. Over to you now, how do you decorate your own home at Easter?

Tell us in comments below.



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