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Selling Art to Interior Designers Step by Step

January, 2017

How to Sell Art to Interior Designers

Did you know there are four times as many interior design agencies as there are art galleries in the U.S.? 

What’s more, interior designers are always in need of new suppliers of cool decor items and they are not too concerned about whether you have years of experience or not. Wouldn’t this be a great way to make money with your artistic skills?

Check out these 4 steps to make interior designers pay you money for your art. 

1. Get Updated on Interior Design Trends

Make sure you know the hippest colors and styles of the year, but keep in mind that interior designers don’t want you to copy the trends - they want you to create something that would complement those trends. 

2. Always Keep your Portfolio Ready

Because interior designers may not know what they want until they see it. 

Prior to meeting with an interior designer, get a selection of your works ready in a printed portfolio or another type of presentation, but make sure it is suitable for the situation. For instance, if you know the designer is into contemporary or industrial-style design, you will not want to show off your Renaissance-style paintings.    

Numerous experts note that large works (36’ x 48’) are in great demand today and are priced much higher. So keep that in mind... 

3. Make Sure your Works Fit the Whole Interior Design Scenario

Before you reach out to an interior design agency and try to negotiate a deal, make sure the styles you work in are in line with what the agency does in general or for a specific project. 

Research their website, try to find out more about their vision, etc. After all, you wouldn’t want to waste your time if you are ultimately unable to meet the designers’ needs.

4. Use Social Media

Here at Drawberry we have been using social media to search for artists to work with for a long time and have had great success. We know that many of those artists who are active at least on Facebook are more likely to be at some point paid for their talent than those who neglect social networks. 

Publish your works in your feed or sign up for DeviantArt or a similar project - the more involved you are in social networking, the better. 

Try to communicate with, or at least follow, those designers whose work seems like something you’d like to participate in. 

People are always interested in decorating their homes with custom art pieces. And if someone is willing to pay an interior designer to make their home look beautiful, they are more likely to also pay for a great painting you could create for them. So partnering with interior designers is a sure way to get new business and make money while creating art someone will cherish for many years. 

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    Not bad at all fellas and gaslla. Thanks.
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