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Tips on How to Take the Cutest Children Photos Ever

December, 2017

Tips on How to Take the Cutest Children Photos Ever

All children look adorable in photos. So there is no doubt that it is worth taking lots of photos of your child as they grow. Children have contagious smiles and a joyful nature. When you look in their eyes, everything disappears and you fill up with nothing but positivity. All you want is to share this happiness with others. And the best way to do this is to take photos and preserve cherished memories by turning photo of your child into a picture on canvas!

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Maybe you had a chance to work with professional photographers and got a lot of beautiful pictures of your family and/or children. You don’t have to pay for expensive portrait sessions every month to have great photos of every milestone in your kid’s life. Become a daily photographer who is just amazing at taking photos of your loved ones without hiring experts.

We are going to share with you some tips for how to take professional photos without attending a photography school, learning all the complicated and complex techniques and without spending years practicing to get to that level. This is not necessary when you simply want to have cozy family portraits. You can be a very good photographer with just a few simple tips, a little practice and a good share of enthusiasm! So let’s start with the 5 ways you can take great photos of your child...

Tip 1. Make Child Comfortable With the Camera

Posing and smiling might make children feel awkward if they haven’t been exposed to photography too much. This shyness is natural for children. To solve this problem just ask your child not to pose and forget about the camera. Encourage them to act like in real life and have a fun time. When the child grasps the idea that the camera is just a part of the fun, the photo shoots will go much smoother.

Make Child Comfortable With the Camera

Some points for creating a comfort zone for your child:

— Give the kid some space so they can explore and get familiar with the equipment.

— Show photos you’ve taken before, which can offer some ideas to boost your child’s creativity.

— Explain the idea that the camera is a friend by turning your photo shoots into a game.

Make Child Comfortable With the Camera

Tip 2. Observe Your Child

When your child feels safe and comfortable, their interests and personality traits are going to emerge. Once the camera becomes a friend, they accept it and start showing their natural self. Listen to your child and observe. Children are very curious and can teach us lots of things, so don’t ignore their questions. Be curious and ask about things they like to do or like to play with. If they love nature walks, bring your camera along on one and shoot some photos while the child is occupied. Together you might find an amazing place that you’ll be able to include in your photograph! And you get to spend a beautiful day outside, of course if the weather is sunny and nice. Is your child a good swimmer? If you live not too far from a beach, spend a day there. You will have lots of fun and get lots of amazing photos! If going out with a camera isn’t an option for you, then take photos of your child at home - a place, where they are most comfortable. Home photos will convey the cozy atmosphere, warmth, happiness, and unconditional love.

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Be sure to make some cute photos while you are decorating a Christmas tree together with your children

It doesn't matter where you are going to take your photographs, the main thing is that the warmth will be present in all of them. Your child should be happy, comfortable, and in love with their photographer parent.

Tip 3. Together in the Picture

Try to take self-portraits featuring your child and you together. This will help create a comfortable zone for your child. Self-portraiture or selfies effectively solve any problems with the process of getting used to the camera. You can use a tripod and set the timer for 10 seconds, or stretch your arm out in front of you both.

Try to take self-portraits featuring your child and you together

Try to capture the feeling of a fun game. Along the way, you are sure to get some great memories, valuable practice, and build an even stronger relationship with your child. It’s a win-win situation any way you look at it!

Try to take self-portraits featuring your child and you together

Tip 4. Capture Important Details

Some details are very important: holding favorite toys, cute baby clothes, big curious eyes, spontaneous happy moments. All of them are worth capturing and cherishing. You do not have to feature faces all the time. Details are very precious. In the future you will look through your images and photos of easily forgettable but exceedingly heartwarming details, like child toys and baby clothes, and these moments will bring you true happiness. Go ahead and experiment with your lens to see how close it can get to various objects. You can take impressive photographs no matter how simple or how professional your equipment is.

Capture Important Details in photo of your child

Tip 5. Show the Child Resulting Photos

When you show the results to your child it will open their eyes, and enhance their creativity and inspiration. A few things to make your child feel more involved:

— You can involve them in the editing process and ask what colors may work better.

— Ask for photoshoot ideas. Encourage them to use their imagination.

— Make your child feel important!

You will encourage your child’s artistic side and motivate to think creatively through that. This opportunity will give your child lots of joy, since children love creating beautiful art.

Tips on How to Take the Cutest Children Photos Ever

You can take your creativity to the next level and turn the resulting photo into a hand painted picture which your child is sure to appreciate. Take photos, let your child choose their favorite one and send it to a professional artist to make a painting from. This process will connect photography and painting in your child’s mind, offering a magnificent visualization of art.

Family painting is ideal for saving memories

Family painting is ideal for saving memories. Spending good time with your child in a creative environment will strengthen your relationship and inspire your child. Remember to have lots of fun, embraces and make the most of your creative time with your little one!

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