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Top 5 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas that are Sure to Fail

January, 2018

Some Valentine’s Day gift ideas are doomed from the very beginning. Learn how to stay in the trend and avoid feeling like a fool on this special day.

Has it ever happened to you that your gift didn’t make her cry with tears of happiness? Just a light smile and a mild “thanks”... sound familiar? Chances are that your skills in choosing perfect gifts are not perfect at all. We are about to show you the most common mistakes you could make when choosing a gift for your wife or girlfriend. Understanding the way women think and what they expect is already half the cure.

You’re on the way to making a cool Valentine’s present for the one you love. The first thing men usually believe to be a good idea is that it has to be something useful. In most cases it leads to purchasing presents like kitchen stuff, home electronics or garden appliances. Stay away from this idea from the very beginning, don’t make her think that Valentine’s Day is just a way to save some money on buying the stuff you would need anyway in your household.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas that won’t workImage by: Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz

Do you think you always need to be original in choosing a gift for her? A lot of men strongly believe that cosmetics, jewelry, sweets and flowers are already out of trend. Think twice. Sometimes oldschool Valentine’s gift ideas are smarter than looking simply weird with your present.

Valentine’s gifts for herImage by: Voyagerix

Men are likely to think that a Valentine’s Day gift has to be romantic or even erotic. Sometimes it really works, but don’t even think of buying the most beautiful lingerie if you don’t know the size. It may turn out to be a disaster if you guess the size wrong.

Lingerie Valentine’s Day gift for herImage by: Vladimir Gjorgiev

A lot of men realize they are not that good at coming up with Valentine’s Day gift ideas and try to take the smart way around by presenting a certificate to attend some kind of a workshop together. It could be really sweet if you know for sure what your lady is interested in. Otherwise, it may result in an hour or two of pure torture for both of you. 

Valentine’s Day gift for herImage by: WAYHOME studio

If you are just dating and you aren’t ready to propose yet, don’t make her expect that it’s going to happen on Valentine’s Day. Try to avoid giving rings or using a heart-shaped box that may look like an engagement ring box. It will make her feel disappointed even if your gift is really awesome.

Valentine’s Day gift for herImage by: Nicoleta Ionescu

Think of being original, romantic and touching. Sometimes it’s not easy to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her, especially if you are busy working. A hand-painted portrait from photo can be a great solution for a situation like this. It can be her painted portrait or a couple painting of the two of you, even a pet portrait (if she has a pet) or a painting from your vacation photo. Use any idea of an object or a moment you both cherish. It will only take you a few minutes to choose and upload a photo, pick a size and style you like and get the job started. No more worries about your Valentine’s Day gift.

Perfect Valentine’s gift for her: hand-painted portrait from photo, couple painting or  her portrait with pets


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