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What is The Best Social Platform For Selling Art?

January, 2017

Social networks are a perfect way of finding and communicating with customers.

And you don’t have to try and tackle all possible social platforms to create your online presence!

When it comes to selling art, each of the most popular social networks has its own pros and cons.

And before you start building pages on a bunch of social network sites, remember: your success in social media depends on the effectiveness of your interaction with your audience.

What might be effective on Facebook, might not be that effective on Instagram…

To decide which social channel is a better fit for you, read on!


 The Best Social Platform For Selling Art

Why use Facebook?

First of all, Facebook has over a billion users which makes this social network the biggest in the world. 

Secondly, Facebook comes in handy to art sellers because of its adaptivity and compatibility with multiple media formats. 

I could go on and on describing why Facebook will most likely work great for you, but the important thing is that this social network is the ultimate tool for ANY artist. 

Facebook allows you to: 

  • Upload video and photo, embed links and share blogs
  • Easily share posts and podcasts from OTHER social networks
  • Use Facebook Business Manager to get insights on your posts and fans
  • Schedule posts
  • Target a variety of users by sharing artwork in open communities
  • Create albums of your works and caption any photo with important details
  • Use a Call-To-Action button on your Facebook page to get more customers
  • Use a profile cover with your name, contact info, website link, etc.
  • Share plenty of information, including your statement, info on your skills and so on, by using the ‘About’ and other similar sections.

Difficulties of running a Facebook page:

  • Social interaction is a must on Facebook. Without commenting on other people’s posts, adding friends or showing other signs of activity you will not gain credibility
  • You have to publish only good and unique content on your page, otherwise you will scare away potential fans
  • Your posts are more likely to be seen in other people’s newsfeeds only if they are paid

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On Twitter you’re expected to:

  • Tweet (post) multiple times a day
  • Interact daily with your followers and other people
  • Use hashtags to help others discover your tweets
  • Use the cover image, photo and bio section for marketing purposes so that your visitors (and potential customers!) could find all the info about you they might need

Some consider Twitter ‘a political social channel’ or a ‘news social network’ as many politicians use it, and because its format is suitable for sharing news headlines. 

Did you know that people are more likely to find out about stuff while scrolling through their Twitter feed than by watching TV? That’s because Twitter’s the easiest way to make sure your audience reads what you have to say. 

However, effective communication via Twitter can only be done with the following things taken into account:

  1. There is a limit on how many characters you can put into your tweet, and that limit is pretty low, so keep it short and catchy
  2. You also have to make your bio short but interesting enough for other people to start following you
  3. You have to tweet often unless you want to get lost in your followers’ busy feeds
  4. You have to be very communicative to make your Twitter big, so if you’re an introverted artist, think twice before going to Twitter in pursuit of selling art

Making a Tweet nice is not that easy:


Instagram is a photo-oriented social platform where users post images a few times a day or several times a week. 


  • is very popular with art collectors
  • works for all aspects of art-selling business
  • allows tags (just like Twitter) that make content search easier
  • provides a free Business Account for advertising purposes
  • supports scheduling, like Facebook

But there are two very important aspects of using Instagram that you should take into account:

  1. Instagram is primarily a mobile app, which means you can’t use its desktop version to upload photos
  2. Links are not supported in photo descriptions and can only be included in your profile description

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Pinterest is a visual-oriented network with a substantial part of users interested in visual arts and design

  • Good interface that allows you to structure and organize your pins
  • Free business account that provides insights and helps you advertise your pins
  • No need for instant interaction with other users - your pins say everything you want to say
  • Pins can be scheduled via special scheduling services
  • Gives you a chance to sell your art with “buyable” pins.

However, you cannot reach as many people on Pinterest as you might want, because this social platform is relatively new and there are not as many users on Pinterest as there are on Facebook, for example.


The Best Social Platform For Selling Art

LinkedIn is a great networking service for people seeking employment and business opportunities. 

What might be even more important is that you don’t have to be particularly active on LinkedIn to be… active on LinkedIn. 

The first step you should take is complete your profile and highlight your achievements. This is important because your LinkedIn profile page is a CV-based page all your visitors will go to after clicking on your nickname anywhere on the platform. 

On LinkedIn you can join numerous art-related groups that promote opportunities for emerging artists and give advice on how to market your art. 

You can also join various artist communities and associations by finding important contacts. 

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Creating your presence on LinkedIn is not about posting as many beautiful photos a day as possible… The process is more ‘static’, if you like. 

Just complete your portfolio and personal profile, join several relevant groups and communities, comment a couple of posts and wait.

LinkedIn is not a place where art buyers go looking for works of art… 

But there are a lot of businesses that are interested in painting services on LinkedIn, so be sure to make it clear in your LinkedIn profile that you’re open to taking commissions! 

Although is not a social network in the traditional sense, it’s a great place to find new customers and get orders flowing your way by offering competitive bids. If anything, it is definitely the fastest way to get new business, so you may want to consider it alongside the social networks mentioned above.

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