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You’ll LOVE these 15 artful hacks for a snug Christmas

December, 2017

Check out these artful budget-saving ideas for coming Christmas

Let this selection of fabulous ideas inspire you this Christmas for creativity in home decoration whether it is a hand painted photo or an advent calendar.

If you want to save some money, you should think outside the box, apply some creativity and invest a little time. You will be amazed by the result and have fun in the process.

Stick to Drawberry’s budget-saving plan for the best Christmas ever.

1. Start by allocating a strict budget for you and your family to adhere to. Then you can break down the budget for every aspect of the celebrations.

2. Consider reusing some of the old decorations in any way you can instead of buying brand new ones to cut expenses.

3. Before you start, set up your very own craft kit with all the essentials you’ll need for wrapping and crafting. Stock up on things like tape and ribbon to make sure you have enough and avoid panic later on.

Check out our artful budget-saving ideas to bring the rising costs of Christmas down

4. Get creative with your advent calendar this Christmas and make it sturdy enough to be reused every year. Invest in a wooden advent tree for a calendar that will last for many years to come, or make one of mini paper bags with individual gifts or chocolates - looks stylish and festive! It comes as a plain structure for you to decorate, so get the kids involved and let them use some custom paint on it! 

5. Make your own handmade Christmas stocking. It can be a patchwork of different materials or a pillowcase with pompom and felt applique as a stocking alternative that will create a lovely homespun feel and get you in the festive spirit on Christmas Eve.

Make your own handmade Christmas stocking

6. Save old sweaters and jumpers; cut up and reuse the fabric to make cozy decorations to prettify your tree or your home. Knitted ornaments are a popular style for creating a cozy vibe.

7. Spray some adhesive or fake snow onto empty glass jars and roll or dip them in glitter to add some sparkle. Use them as candle holders to give your home some festive spirit and a wintery look. Another option is to place a string of lights into an empty jar and make a super cozy lantern.

Check out our artful budget-saving ideas to bring the rising costs of Christmas down

8. Welcome kids to help you with crafts to make them feel part of the celebrations. Involve them in carving paper lanterns, snowflakes or tissue paper tassels for fun and string them together for a homespun garland that you can add to every year. Pick traditional red and green paper, or add a modern twist with metallics. A Christmas-style family painting on canvas done by kids can make a cool gift for grandparents.

9. Create your own unique wreath: there are plenty of variations to fashion it, such as wool, ribbons, toys, plants, or even sweets! Candy canes would be a great idea for a Christmas wreath and a great treat to share with kids after the holidays.

10.  Wash your used tin cans and punch out holes in the shape of a star of Christmas on one side. Place a tealight inside for a pretty and simple DIY look that you can use again and again. Painting the tin on the outside with some silver spray paint will add an instant festive feel.

Check out our artful budget-saving ideas to bring the rising costs of Christmas down

11. Save old light bulbs to turn them into baubles. Add glitter, faux snow or soft fabric to give them a new breath or keep them simple by styling them in an urban, industrial look.

12. Summon up your imagination when it comes to wrapping ideas this Christmas; think different and consider using some alternatives to traditional wrapping paper. Even newspaper can be beautified by adding on a festive bow and colourful ribbon. Try using old maps or atlases for an artful wrapping idea. Pick a place that is significant to the recipient for a thoughtful and personalised touch. Another fresh idea is to buy simple plain brown paper to wrap up your gifts especially painted portraits and use a stamp to add a Christmas motif or message.

13. Try your hand at making DIY gifts this year; whether it’s scented soaps or tasty baked treats. If you need a sophisticated personalized gift this Christmas and would like to save precious family gathering moments - order a custom painting from photo by a professional artist. A gift to impress and remember. Find a vintage frame at your local flea market which you can style up with a lick of paint to complete the gift.

Order a custom painting from photo by a professional artist from Drawberry

14. Reuse old Christmas jumpers by turning them into festive cushions to pretty up your sofa for the holidays, or give those cushions as awesome handmade gifts that won’t cost the earth.

15. Get creative and put together small jars of homemade chutneys, jams, homemade cookies and sweet treats for your friends and family and present in a small wicker basket.

Bake Christmas cookies as a gift

Christmas is a great time of the year everyone enjoys and anticipates, so put in some effort and summon up your creativity, tick off your favorites from this list and start preparing :)

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