How it works

With Drawberry you can order custom painting from photo any time. The workflow is easy and safe. Your painted photo will be done only by professional artists.

Drawberry is basically a website that has two types of users: artists and their customers. The main idea is that artists from all over the world sign up and offer their services to an international customer base.

1 Customer's step

places an order for a painting to be made from a photo 1

1 Artist's step

accepts the order

2 Customer's step

prepays 20% of the price

2 Artist's step

works on the painting and uploads the preview 4

3 Customer's step

approves the work and pays the balance 3

3 Artist's step

ships the painting and provides a package tracking number

4 Customer's step

receives the package

4 Artist's step

receives the payment 2

  • 1 - Safety: any personal information is stored on secure servers and never shared with any third parties
  • 2 - secure transactions processed through PayPal
  • 3 - Satisfaction guarantee: an order is considered to be complete only after the "Accept" button is clicked and the order can be cancelles any time before it.
  • 4 - Deposit Guaranteed: a deposit amount of 20% of the total price is released to you except for situations when the work is not completed at all or its quality is unacceptable.