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Step 1 - Upload your photo

Select painting size

For your convenience, we included a preview of what your selected painting size may look like on a wall next to a standard-size door.

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You can upload images in any one of these formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and the file size can be up to 8Mb

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You can upload images in any one of these formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif and the file size can be up to 8Mb

A reference photo could be an image that illustrates the style you want for your painting. It is used as an example and gives artists a better idea as to your expectations in style.

Add a reference image to make it easier for artists to understand what you want your painting to look like.

Painting Size

24" x 36" (61 x 91 cm)




Step 2 - Select medium and style

Select medium

Choose any medium from the ones available. If you prefer something different or a mix, mention it in comments at the end of this form.

Select style

You may order your painting to be made in your favorite artist’s style or choose ‘Neutral’ if you prefer not to apply any of the styles to it.





Step 3 - Set up your picture options

Select background

To keep the original background your photo has (the original setting in which it was taken), select 'Original'. If you prefer to have a different background and trust your artist to choose one for you, select 'Artist's Choice'. To select a plain white, black or grey background for your painting, click on 'Let Me Choose'.

Artist's Options

Please leave the box unchecked if you give the artist permission to use your painting in their portfolio.


You may add comments to your order to explain or re-confirm important details.



Artist's Options

Sharing allowed


Step 4 - Delivery Options


Select if you want to receive your painting rolled into a tube or stretched on a frame/stretcher bars. Shipping artwork in a tube is usually less expensive, but some paintings may be subject to cracks when rolled up.

Express Order

Painting to be done in days Please set a realistic timeframe for your express order.
It could be from 5 to 15 days (shipping time not included).
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Rolled up in a tube

Express Order

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United States

Step 5 - Contact details


Drawberry won't share your address with any third parties. It will only be used to send you bid notifications and order status updates.

There is no commitment until you decide to accept a bid.