Victoria Fontana


I can paint most anything in my colorist expressive style, or work outside of this in something more neutral or realistic if desired. I can work from a picture or from an idea, so if you would like a work that is original and not in the categories listed, feel free to propose an idea! The work of Victoria Fontana (Rochester, New York, 1972) delves into the complexities of the human condition, exploring the confines of identity and its role in shaping our concept of ourselves and others. Her unconventional "portraits" in oil and mixed media conceptually readjust our perspective, inviting viewers to rethink their vision of themselves and the limits that separate them from other human beings. Victoria’s work has been shown in Spain, Italy and the US. She currently lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Genre: Portrait, People & Pets, Landscape, Still Life, Abstract

Style: Neutral, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh

Medium: Oil, Watercolor, Pencil, Acrylic, Ink


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