Will Kellermann


The Romantic Adventurism of Will Kellermann. Behind the signature Will Kellermann lives a very special artist. She likes to see herself described as a romantic adventurer. She combines a longing for beauty with her untiring urge to travel. A significant aspect of Will Kellermann's work is her use of colours. She often seeks her subjects in nature and the natural colour pigments come to life in her oil paintings. She likes to paint the landscape 'en plein air'. She won the 1 prize, “Plein Air Painting Award” 2012 and her painting was bought by the Art Collection ‘s-Graveland. Kellermann undertakes painting trips throughout Europe, with an international group of well-known artists. Her art education she received in the academies of Tilburg and the Hague in Holland and of Zürich in Switzerland. She now has studios in Holland and Portugal. Will Kellermann allows herself to be seduced not only by oil and silk paint but also by watercolours and pastels. With these techniques she draws and paints portraits and quick impressions of anything that her artist's eye is enchanted by, from sun filled terraces to flamboyant nudes. When one sees Kellermann pastels, the name that comes to mind is Degas, the French painter who later in life became focused on working with the velvety pastel. It hardly needs stating that there are many collectioners of Will Kellermann's colourful work, so varied in topic and technique. Her paintings are exhibited in many countries and she won several awards, a.o. from the Cross Gate Gallery Kentucky and Art et Culture Boissezon France. Her work has been in many galleries as well as the Jacob Smits Museum in Belgium. www.willkellermann.com. The Romantic Adventurism of Will Kellermann, the title of her book about her work.

Genre: Portrait, People & Pets, Landscape, Still Life, Abstract, Pets

Style: Neutral

Medium: Oil, Watercolor, Pencil, Pastel, Acrylic, Ink


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