Danijel Korosec


I'm an artist with 25 years of experience in painting. I have started painting thanks to my grandpa who bought me my first artist set, and I never stopped painting since. At first landscapes and then moved on to more complex and difficult themes. I now find painting portraits most satisfying. There is great pleasure to be found in finishing a portrait and witnessing the expression of satisfaction on the face of a client. Even though oil on canvas is my favorite medium, dry pastel on paper or graphite pen is just as rewarding. I joined Drawberry to be able to offer my art to as many people as possible, and hope that the pleasure I get from making a painting will transform into pleasure of owning a piece of art for my new clients.

Genre: Portrait, People & Pets, Landscape

Style: Neutral

Medium: Oil, Pencil, Pastel


Completed: 3
Rejected: 0
Overdue: 0
5/5 - Exellent

Fantastic Painting =- Great Artist

Ryan Burville - 02/27/18 09:20
5/5 - Exellent

Excellent painting

Ryan Burville - 02/06/18 19:53
5/5 - Exellent

It was an awesome experience with Danijel. He was very thoughtful and provided lots of progress updates and suggestions to make the experience easy. I would definitely do it again.

adam Khong - 05/29/17 04:08