Pieter Burger


PIETER BURGER is an artist and tutor of Fine Art from South Africa. He is an established professional artist that create art that crosses boundaries of traditional art disciplines. Cross disciplinary fine art practice with oil painting as main interest. “As an artist I am assumed to reflect on the world of today as far as I know it, and seen it. As a painter I am assumed to be aware of the Western painterly tradition.” About his work: The “universal image” to which he referred, was created by means of collage, sampling or hybridization. The word “Universal” is used because he tend to use images from all possible sources. “My initial idea was to create images that could be seen and understood by anyone, anywhere, in any context.” The images are a rich combination of collected Art History and personal pictures, magazines, the www, movies (stills), etc. When choosing these images he doesn’t make any distinction whether the images come from high or low culture, DIY or academic art, commercial images, illustration, street-art, etc. “What is fascinating for me is when I take these images from their original context and put them in a new context or composition where they get a new function. The dialog between the different images creates a new image, a new story. By combining different visual quotes I create a network, itself as a reflection of today’s world.”

Genre: Portrait, People & Pets, Landscape, Still Life, Pets

Style: Salvador Dali

Medium: Oil, Charcoal, Pencil, Pastel, Acrylic, Digital


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