AMSTERDAM-LEYDEN-JERUSALEM-BERLIN-NEW YORK Shoshannah Brombacher, Ph.D. (Amsterdam, Holland 1959) studied Ancient Middle Eastern Culture, Languages and Codicology at Leyden University (Holland) and specialized in medieval Sephardic Hebrew poetry of the Portuguese (Marano) Jewish Community in 17th century Amsterdam. She participated in codicological projects with manuscripts, tombstones and books in Amsterdam, Jerusalem and Germany, where she lectured at the Free University of Berlin. Though she attended art classes in Leyden and at the Free Art Academy of The Hague in Holland she considers herself mainly a self taught artist. Brombacher sees her academic background and extensive traveling as an invaluable tool for her paintings, which delve deeply into Jewish lore and legends. After her marriage she moved to New York and devotes her time to art, writing and her family. She is an author, lecturer and maggidah (Jewish story teller and spiritual guide). Her main interest is Chassidism. Brombacher’s favorite medium is oil, pastel, crayons and/or ink for small miniatures as well as large wall panels or murals (e.g., “Venice in Crown Heights” and a sukkah). Calligraphy, text, letters and colors play an important role. Brombacher’s subjects are mainly Jewish life, (Chassidic) tales, classical music, travel impressions and illustrating poetry and stories. She is working on several books of her own. Sets she created include The Golem of Prague; The Tikkun of the Breslover Rebbe; Talmudic, Midrashic and Biblical stories; Biblical women and the parshat ha-shavua; the Twelve Tribes; Goethe’s Faust; poetry (Yiddish, Sephardic, several European languages); the Haggadah; the Hebrew Aleph-Beth; Spinoza, classical composers (Beethoven et al.); cities (Prague, New York), The Dybbuk and politically inspired poetry (e.g., Nazim Hikmet Ran). Brombacher creates custom art, ketubot, verses of a name, tikkunim, blessings for the house, parnasah etc., Psalms, bar/bat mitzvah, sheva’ berakhot and more. She is a member of several art organizations and was internationally awarded for her work, which can be found in all five continents and published several books. -Artist statement: “Art makes the world within visible. My art is a tribute to music and to our heritage, especially the Chassidic world. The Kotzker Rebbe listened once to a story-teller in the street, and stated, “He told what he wanted and I heard what I needed’. That is art. Art connects people!” For more information visit her website or contact her: e-mail: Tel.: 718- 339 2779

Genre: Portrait, People & Pets, Landscape, Still Life

Style: Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Michelangelo, Rembrandt

Medium: Oil, Watercolor, Pencil, Pastel, Ink


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